List Of Items On Display At West Showroom

Standing Desks & Accessories

  1. ORION Basic Electric Standing Desk (Black)
  2. SIRIO Electric Standing Desk (Black)
  3. SIRIO Electric Standing Desk (Wooden/White)
  4. VIGOR 2020 Electric Standing Desk (White Frame w White Top)
  5. Sit Stand Desk Converter LITE (Medium)
  6. Standing Desk Plus


Ergonomic Accessories

  1. Type A Monitor Arm
  2. Laptop Tray
  3. Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest Set
  4. Ergonomic Footrest
  5. Anti-Fatigue Mat (Small)
  6. Grid Lines Anti-Fatigue Mat
  7. ACU Anti-Fatigue Mat
  8. L1 Laptop Stand
  9. Type A Seat Cushion
  10.  Type B Seat Cushion
  11. Type B Back Cushion

Office Chairs

  1. LIFT Sit Stand Chair
  2. C55 Office Chair (White/Black)
  3. C75 Office Chair
  4. D37 Office Chair
  5. M20 Office Chair (Black)
  6. M19 Office Chair (Black/Grey)
  7. Kneeling  Chair
  8. Horseback Saddle Chair
  9. Vision Ergonomic Chair (Black)
  10. Simple Ergonomic Chair
  11. Sail Basic Ergonomic Chair (Black)
  12. Sail Basic Ergonomic Chair With Legrest (Black)
  13. Sail Luxury Ergonomic Chair
  14. Spring Luxury Ergonomic Chair
  15. FLY Ergonomic Chair


  1.  Kid2Youth FIT School Bag (Blue)
  2. Kid2Youth FIT School Bag (Pink)
  3. Kid2Youth Ergonomic School Bag
  4.  G6+XS Study Table (Cedar With Coral Red)
  5.  G6+S Study Table (White)
  6.  BABO Study Chair (Aqua Green)
  7. EGO C Study Chair (Deep Blue)
  8. EGO Study Chair (Deep Blue)
  9. DUO Study Chair (Coral Red)
  10. Kids Cabinet
  11. Fairy Desktop Storage
  12. Standing Kids Bookshelf
  13. Kid2Youth Desk Mat (Sky)
  14. Kid2Youth Book Stand
  15. Kid2Youth Bookends
  16. Kid2Youth Stationery Holder

Disclaimer: List will be kept as up to date as possible. The list may be changed or updated without notice. For more information, please drop us an email at