Turning Singapore Trees Into Standing Desk Wood

Do You Know What Happen To Our Trees When They Get Cut Down?

Standing Desk Wood
Standing Desk Wood
Standing Desk Wood
Photo: NParks

Trees In Singapore

With about 2 million trees planted along roadsides, in parks and state land, it is important to regularly inspect and prune or cut the trees to ensure their health, wellbeing and safety. More than 10 tonnes of the trees are cut down & disposed during the daily landscaping maintenance across the island.

Giving Trees A New Lease Of Life

Instead of letting it being disposed, we turned to these Singapore premium hardwoods for our standing desk wood and give them a new lease of life. These woods are often discarded or turned into wood chips because little can be done with them in the city. It also helps in someway to prevent deforestation.

Standing Desk Wood
Tree Trunks In Sawmill Factory
Standing Desk Wood
Singapore Mixed Wood

End Product

This urban growth timber will then be processed and sanded finely before coating with a premium oil-based transparent varnish. Wood is the most sustainable material, it is renewable, lasts longer, and can be recycled. Consider having a piece of Singapore in your home!

Sustainable Standing Desk Wood

Our standing desk wood and monitor riser comprise of a collection of Singapore Mixed Wood, Angsana and African Mahogany. Transform your desk and make it the centre of attention in your home with our solid wood standing desk. Feel the difference in comfort when working or studying with our electric standing desk today.

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Standing Desk Wood

Monitor Riser