Electric Standing Desks & Sit Stand Desk Converters

Standing Desks & Height Adjustable Tables In Singapore

TakeAseat.sg is one of the best standing desk brands in Singapore. We offer competitive prices for quality products and are trusted by many of our customers. Whether you are working, gaming, or watching Netflix, we offer the best standing table options that encourage good sitting posture and comfort as you sit and stand.

Our standing desks comes in different styles and sizes and can be customised according to your needs. With over 100 tabletop designs, our standing desks are fully electric and height-adjustable with a touch of a button. You can save up to 3 pre-set heights for ease to alternate between positions. We also have a good range of sit-stand desks converter – a more economical solution that will easily accommodate on top of your current desk set-up.

According to studies, it is found that an average person spends more than half of their day sitting. Long periods of sitting may result in the development of obesity, high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Hence it is recommended to alternate between sitting and standing during your working and relaxing hours. Our electric, height-adjustable desk and sit-stand desk can help promote the benefits of good ergonomics.

By reducing your average sitting time by 66 minutes a day, you can achieve health, productivity, and comfort, all with just any of these available table options. Here at TakeAseat.sg, we believe in giving our customers an ergonomically productive environment. Check out the nearest showroom in Singapore near you to learn more about our products.