SIRIO Electric Standing Desk

The Game Changing Desk That Changes The Way You Work And Play

"Love the affordable pricing, the drawer, charging points and several settings available without adding extra cost to the table! Table finish is fantastic too!"
Sammy W
"Very easy to install and product is in very good quality – using it for more than a month now and it had fully transform my needs with a table that has a sleek drawer, usb and adjustable heights!"
Dennis Seah
"The table is great for my height 188cm, the motor is not as loud as most electric tables, good quality and sturdy, it comes with a drawer which is rare in most electric tables."

SIRIO Electric Desk Featuring Thomas Ong 王沺裁

Discover our SIRIO electric standing desk and unleash your true potential at work. The SIRIO electric desk can be easily transformed into a sit-stand workstation to meet your desired height. The under-desk drawer is built in to store items out of sight with convenient access. The SIRIO desk features a single-motor lift system with a adjustable height from 72cm to 121cm. It also have 4 preset height memory settings, USB charging ports and large under desk drawer. The clean and stylish combined with it’s tempered glass tabletop or wooden coloured tabletop, makes the SIRIO desk looks especially sleek and professional.

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All-In-One Design

Experience the unlimited potential of the SIRIO electric standing desk with it’s 72cm to 121cm height adjustment, integrated USB charging ports, built-in under desk drawer and more!

Smart Control Pad With Child Lock

The Smart Control Pad provides 4 different preset heights via the memory setting, giving users the convenience of adjusting to the preferred height they want effortlessly. It also comes with child-lock button to prevent children from accidentally adjusting the table height.

Integrated Charging Ports

The integrated charging ports feature 2 USB ports and 1 Type-C port for *fast charging of devices such as mobiles and tablets. 

Large Under-Desk Drawer

The built-in storage drawer creates a space for your notes, files or even mobile and tablet. It provides a spacious storage without taking away your leg room. Unclutter the SIRIO desk and keep your belongings and stuff within reach while you work.

Wooden Tabletop/Tempered Glass

The SIRIO desk comes with either a 12mm wooden tabletop or a 6mm tempered glass tabletop. The tempered glass tabletop have been rigorously tested for its safety, including a test with a steel ball weighing 1 KG being dropped on top of it at a height of 1 meter for multiple times. The entire SIRIO desk can hold a maximum weight load of 50KG.

Anti-Collision System

The gyroscope-based anti-collision system detects any object underneath while lowering and prevent any accidents or injuries.

All-In-One Package

The SIRIO desk comes in a single package consisting of the tabletop and the steel frames. This makes it easy for both the transportation and installation of the desk.

The desk is also designed for maximum structural integrity and the double steel tubing ensures stability even at the highest height.

3 Different Colours


Eclipse Black


Pearl White


Wooden White

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Compatible Devices For Fast Charging

Sirio Desk

Important Note: Any devices not listed above may not work with the fast charging on the SIRIO desk.

How Strong Is The 6mm Tempered Glass?

Check out the test we did in the video below to find out!

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Looking For Alternative?

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ORION Electric Standing Desk

From $429.00

  • Tabletop at 1.2m long
  • Height adjustment 73cm to 123cm
  • Adjustment speed at 25mm/s
  • 4 preset memory height settings
  • Low noise level of 50dB when adjusting
  • Anti-collision system
  • Add-on under desk drawer

The ORION electric standing desk is the perfect solution for the modern workplace. This minimalistic electric desk offers a  smooth, powerful height adjustments with it’s single motor technology. It comes with 4 programmable memory presets and enhanced anti-collision technology to ensure a quiet and safe standing experience.

FORTE Electric Standing Desk

From $559.00

  • Tabletop at 1.2m to 1.6m long
  • Height adjustment 71m to 121cm
  • Adjustment speed at 25mm/s
  • 3 preset memory height settings
  • Low noise level of 50dB when adjusting
  • Customizable tabletops
  • Over 100* tabletop laminate designs to choose from

The FORTE electric standing desk is the ultimate in modern, yet affordable electric desk. The single motor system ensures minimal noise, and height adjustment as simple as touching a button. With customizable tabletops available to choose from, the FORTE electric standing desk is perfect for anyone looking for a unique electric desk.