Solid Wood Tabletop

Butcher Block

Singapore Butcher Block table top is made up of many different wood of various trees. It is made of a mixture of wood from these Singaporean Trees such as the Khaya, Narra, Tembusu, Durian, Rambutan, Jack Fruit, and Sea Apple.

Solid Wood Tabletop

African Mahogany

The African Mahogany is a hardwood with deep reddish hues. It’s a native tree that was introduced in the late 1970s and has since become one of Singapore’s favourite roadside trees.


Solid Wood Tabletop


Angsana wood is prized for its gorgeous, bright golden-yellow and reddish-brown tones. It’s soft and easy to cut, yet very durable when polished. Angsana is very popular in Southeast Asia as a shade tree, so it’s also known for its pleasant fragrance when you work with it. 

The Manufacturing Process

See how our local trees are being transformed into solid wood tabletops.

Step 1

Trees are pruned or chopped down during the daily landscape maintenance across the island.

Step 2

The tree logs are gathered and brought to a wood yard.

Step 3

The tree logs are then cut into regular shapes and sizes.

Step 4

The wood is placed in a kiln room for drying and reducing the moisture in it.

Step 5

Once out of kiln room, the wood then are either rough sawn, sanded smooth or varnished.

Step 6

Finally the tabletop is being assembled onto the electric desk.

Standing Desk Wood

Trees In Singapore

With about 2 million trees planted along roadsides, in parks and state land, it is important to regularly inspect and prune or cut the trees to ensure their health, wellbeing and safety. More than 10 tonnes of the trees are cut down and disposed during the daily landscaping maintenance across the island.

Giving Trees A New Lease Of Life

Instead of letting it being disposed, we turned to these Singaporean solid wood for our standing desk tabletop and give them a new lease of life. These Singaporean solid wood are often discarded or turned into wood chips because little can be done with them in the city. It also helps in someway to prevent deforestation.

Singaporean Solid Wood
Singaporean Solid Wood

End Product

Added: This urban growth timber will then be processed and sanded finely before coating with a premium oil-based transparent varnish. Wood is the most sustainable material, it is renewable, lasts longer, and can be recycled. Consider having a piece of Singapore in your home!

Sustainable Standing Desk Tabletop

Our standing desk tabletop comprise of a collection of Singapore Mixed Wood, Angsana and African Mahogany. Transform your desk and make it the centre of attention in your home with our solid wood standing desk. Feel the difference in comfort when working or studying with our electric standing desk today.

Singaporean Solid Wood

Customize Your Electric Desk

Build your unique solid wood electric desk with us today.

FORTE Electric Desk

  • From $979
  • Basic Version
  • Single Motor Technology
  • Tabletop Length from 1m to 1.6m 
  • Height Adjustment from 71cm to121cm 
  • Adjustable Speed at 25mm/s
  • 3 Preset Memory Settings
  • LCD Displaying Table Height
  • Touch Controller For Height Adjustment
  • Noise Under 50dB When Adjusting
  • No Anti-Collision System
  • Weight Capacity 70kg
  • 5 Year Warranty

VIGOR Electric Desk

  • From $1,099
  • Premium Version With Sedentary Alert
  • Dual Motor Technology
  • Tabletop Length From 1.2m to 1.8m
  • Height Adjustment from 60.8cm to 123cm
  • Adjustable Speed at 38mm/s
  • 3 Preset Memory Settings
  • LCD Displaying Table Height
  • Touch Controller For Height Adjustment
  • Noise Under 50dB When Adjusting
  • Anti Collision System
  • Weight Capacity 125kg
  • 5 Year Warranty

Other Solid Wood Tabletops

Solid Wood Tabletop

Rubber Wood

Rubberwood is a tropical hardwood obtained from rubber tree, usually from trees grown in rubber plantations. Rubberwood is also known as an environmentally friendly wood, as it makes use of plantation trees that have already served a useful function.

Origin: Malaysia

Solid Wood Tabletop

American Oak

Oak Wood is extremely strong, heavy and durable. It is in light colour with a prominent grain and is resistant to fungal attack, thanks to its dense constitution and long-living nature, which must equip the tree for its long life time.

Origin: United States of America