Ergonomic Office Furniture Singapore

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  • Electric Standing Desks & Sit Stand Desk Converters

    Electric Standing Desks & Sit Stand Desk Converters (22)

    Standing Desks & Height Adjustable Tables In Singapore is one of the best standing desk brands in Singapore. We offer competitive prices for quality products and are trusted by many of our customers. Whether you are working, gaming, or watching Netflix, we offer the best standing table options that encourage good sitting posture and comfort as you sit and…
  • Standing Desk Accessories

    Standing Desk Accessories (44)

    Ergonomic accessories such as monitor arms, VESA mounts and footrest that help improves workplace ergonomics. Poor posture may cause us to suffer neck and back pains given how we sit 8 hours a day in our workplace. It can also lead to carpal tunnel pain at the wrist because of repetitive typing. In order to prevent neck and wrist injuries,…
  • Ergotron Accessories

    Ergotron Accessories (13)

    Ergotron Singapore - Ergotron was founded in 1982 by Harry Sweere who earned patents on some of the first ergonomic tilt stands, mounting arms and desk stand in the world. Ergotron is the sit-stand pioneers and uses human-centred design to build kinetic work environments that help people thrive. They continue to design innovative products that help improve employee health, comfort…
  • Logitech

    Logitech (4)

    Logitech is a manufacturer of computer peripheral devices such as keyboards, mouse, tablet accessories, webcams, speakers and more. It was founded in Switzerland in 1981 and it started out with the production of mice. Logitech has since expanded to encompass a wide range of computer and personal peripherals. Logitech products are distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide and have…
  • Ergonomic Chairs

    Ergonomic Chairs (37)

    Ergonomic chairs are chairs with adjustable features such as a headrest, armrests and lumbar support that enhance comfort during sitting. Based on human ergonomic factors, ergonomic chairs help to keep your posture straight and prevent neck or back pain. Spending long hours sitting at the desk can be harmful to us. Furthermore, most of us tend to forget about our…
  • Executive Office Chairs

    Executive Office Chairs (16)

    It has been reported that most Singaporeans spend at least 8 hours a day just sitting. Sitting for prolonged hours leads to the development of back and neck aches, poor posture, and unwanted health risks. This essentially speaks a lot about the importance of choosing the right chair, especially ones that provide the best ergonomic design. Ergonomic mesh chairs are…
  • Leather Office Chairs

    Leather Office Chairs (5)

    Leather office chair remains one of the popular types of chairs available in the market. It comes with cushion and padding throughout the seat and back for prolonged sitting. Furthermore, the thick and firm cushion provides comfortable support and reduces pressure on your spine. In addition, leather office chairs can be durable and have a long lifespan if well taken…
  • Training Chairs

    Training Chairs (1)

    Training chairs are chairs with writing board for training and seminar purposes. These chairs are usually foldable and stackable, with the option to include or exclude the writing board. The writing board can be convenient when there are no tables or desks around for writing. It can folds when not in use. Training chairs are suitable for rooms where it…
  • Recliner Sofa

    Recliner Sofa (3)

    If you’re looking for an recliner sofa, keep your eye on brands like TakeAseat With this options, you’ll find built-in lumbar supports with individually reclining sections to optimize each user’s comfort level. Not only do these recliner sofas deliver exceptional support and comfort, but they’re also easy on the eyes especially the slim and elegant design make for Asia people!…
  • Humanscale Chairs

    Humanscale Chairs (3)

    Humanscale is the leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that help improve the health and comfort of our work life. At Humanscale, they believe that the highest level of functionality is achieved through simplicity. Humanscale chairs replace all the heavy, complex mechanisms with the user’s own body weight and the laws of physics to encourage movement, providing the most…
  • Kid2Youth Kids Ergonomic Study Desks & Chairs

    Kid2Youth Kids Ergonomic Study Desks & Chairs (32)

    It is important for kids to practice ergonomic from young to prevent them from developing bad posture. As kids grow up, they will spend more time studying in front of a study table. Hence using kids ergonomic study tables will provide them with a better learning environment and reduce the risk of developing bad posture. These kids ergonomic study tables…
  • Ergobag School Bags

    Ergobag School Bags (47)

    ergobag is the leading kids ergonomic school bag brand in Europe and it was started by four friends in 2010. When they first launched, the focus was ergonomic school bags for primary school children, with teenagers and adults backpack added subsequently. The design of ergobag school bags is unique as they combine ergonomic principles of trekking backpacks with everything required…
  • Materns School Bags

    Materns School Bags (5)

    At Materns, we've designed a kids ergonomic school bag that's tough, durable and ergonomic for your child. The unique structure of the ergonomic school bag compresses the load evenly. The ergonomic school bag also has a lightweight feel, yet is durable enough to withstand the rigor of daily school use. Our Materns ergonomic school bags are made from high quality…
  • In-House Kids Ergonomic Study Desks

    In-House Kids Ergonomic Study Desks (2)

    Ergonomic is important for a child especially when they are at the growing up phase. It is essential for them to sit correctly to prevent them from developing bad posture. As kids grow up, they will spend more time studying in front of a study table. Hence using kids ergonomic study tables will provide them with a better learning environment…
  • Office Tables

    Office Tables (12)

    The design of your office spaces with office tables and office desking can reflect a lot about your workplace. Not only does your workspace have to be functional and conducive to productivity, but also tells a story that evokes emotion. Office tables and office desking exist in different designs and layouts, from the traditional to the modern in different colours.…
  • Office Cubicle

    Office Cubicle (11)

    Office cubicle are an excellent solution for creating more office space while still maintaining privacy. Flexible enough to work in existing spaces, office cubicle can be connected to create a super office cubicles for employees. The office cubicle can also be added to accommodate business growth or changes in employee requirement. The office cubicle efficiently improves and extends the work…
  • Meeting Tables

    Meeting Tables (4)

    Meeting tables and conference tables are designed to blend into your office space, whether it is traditional or contemporary, and it fits in your office layout. The meeting tables are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can cater to any office space. Choose from square, circular, oval and rectangular shapes with different design. Each meeting table…
  • Director Tables

    Director Tables (8)

    When considering available furniture for your office space, it's often difficult to find a balance between style and functionality. Our director tables are stylish and contemporary to match the latest trends in office design, but still offer all of the storage space you need for your files, books and other essentials. With different designs and layout, the director tables provides…
  • Office Cabinets

    Office Cabinets (10)

    A good amount of storage space is important in order to maintain order and efficiency. An untidy workspace can be chaotic when documents and paperwork pile up and as a result, precious time lost. Therefore, these office cabinets allow you to store your documents and files away. It helps to keep your workspace tidy and functional. Furthermore, it also reflects…
  • Study Lamps

    Study Lamps (2)

    Most of us often underestimate the benefits of proper illumination from our study lamps and thought that a basic study table lamp would be sufficed. While this is not far from the truth, a good study lamp actually has much more benefit that protects our eyes. Besides providing illumination effectively, a good study table lamp is also able to reduce…
  • Office Pods

    Office Pods (1)

    Office Pods are almost entirely self-contained spaces that give people a private area to concentrate on their work, away from the office's distractions and noises. This helps to increase their productivity in the modern open-concept office environment.