SAIL Chair

Superior Comfort In Every Seat

Are you still enduring severe discomfort despite using what’s labeled as an ‘ergonomic’ chair? It’s time to discover the ultimate solution that promises superior comfort in every seat. Our latest SAIL™ Chair is a game-changer, offering an unprecedented level of customization with 18 adjustment points and ensuring that it can comfortably accommodate a wide range of body shapes and preferences. Experience a chair that delivers on the promise of ergonomic design, providing you with the perfect blend of support and comfort, tailored to suit everyone’s needs.

Still Facing Back Pain from Work?
Meet Our New SAIL™ Chair With 18 Adjustment Points

Personalized Support in All the Right Places
Say Hello to Back Pain-Free Living

SAIL Chair
Enjoy personalized support in all the right places with our ergonomically designed chair, engineered to promote back pain-free living. Each of the 18 adjustment points is meticulously crafted to ensure that you receive the precise support your body needs, wherever you need it most. From the curvature of your spine to the natural resting position of your arms, our chair adapts to provide targeted relief and support.

Unmatched Adjustments, Unrivaled Comfort

SAIL Chair
Dive into a realm of unmatched adjustments and unrivaled comfort with our cutting-edge ergonomic chair. Boasting an impressive array of 18 adjustment points, this chair is the epitome of personalization in seating. Each feature is designed with the utmost precision to cater to your specific comfort needs, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of your sitting experience. From lumbar support that molds to the contours of your back, to armrests that align perfectly with your preferred working posture, our chair guarantees a seating experience that is second to none.
SAIL Chair

VersaFit™ 5D Adjustable Headrest

Discover the enhanced 5D adjustable headrest, now equipped with extended height support and enhanced depth and angle adjustments, this design allows users to pivot the headrest for optimal positioning, alleviating tension on the neck.

SAIL Chair

LumbarWave™ Dynamic Lumbar Support

Experience automatic support with our cutting-edge innovation, the dynamic lumbar support. This feature intuitively adjusts to your body as you move, responding to your weight, height, position, and pressure.

SAIL Chair

BackBoost™ Height Adjustable Backrest

Enjoy a fully customizable seating experience with our height-adjustable backrest, encompassing the dynamic lumbar support. This innovative feature ensures precise support for your lower back, adapting to your unique anatomy.

SAIL Chair

PivotPro™ 5D Adjustable Armrests

Unveiling our upgraded armrests with a new 360-degree rotation feature, adding a heightened level of flexibility for users. This enhancement allows you to customize your seating experience by adjusting the armrests to your preferred angle.

SAIL Chair

ErgoSlide™ Adjustable Seat Depth

Conveniently slide the seat back and forth with the pull of a lever. The seat depth adjustment enables you to access proper support from the chair back without cutting off circulation at your knees, allowing for well-rested legs.

SAIL Chair

FlexRock™ Mechanism

Discover the FlexRock™ Mechanism: effortlessly toggle between a stable seat and a gentle rocking motion. Perfect for moments of relaxation or concentration, it brings a new level of comfort and flexibility to your chair.

SAIL Chair

TiltTwist™ Tension Adjustment

Our intuitive tilt tension adjustment feature, allowing you to fine-tune the resistance of your chair’s tilt. Tailor your lean-back experience with precision, ensuring every recline is just as you like it.

SAIL Chair

CoatHaven™ Retractable Coat Hanger

Explore the convenience of CoatHaven™, featuring a retractable coat hanger designed to keep your attire crisp and close. Seamlessly integrate your storage solution without compromising style or comfort.

SAIL Chair

LegLounge™ Retractable Legrest

For legrest version: A retractable legrest designed for ultimate relaxation. Extend comfort to your legs with this seamless addition, perfect for moments when you need to kick back and unwind.

SAIL Chair

Korean Mesh Technology

Our proprietary Korean-made mesh technology provides full ventilation that’s welcoming. Unlike traditional mesh that tends to break down over time, our mesh is designed to maintain its elasticity for longer use and better comfort.

Discover the New Standard, Upgraded Features Beyond the Original

SAIL Chair
Step into the future of ergonomic seating with our latest chair model, where the new standard is set by upgraded features that go beyond the original. This evolution in design incorporates cutting-edge advancements and feedback from users like you, resulting in a chair that not only meets but exceeds expectations. With additional customization options for a truly tailored fit, each aspect has been meticulously improved.

Embrace Endless Comfort and Style Today

Our SAIL™ Chair being featured on MediaCorp Channel 5 TV Show Third Rail

Designed For Lasting Comfort & Durability

Our chair is engineered with a commitment to lasting comfort and durability, embodying the perfect fusion of form and function. Crafted from premium materials selected for their resilience and longevity, this chair is built to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining its comfort and ergonomic benefits. The thoughtful design extends to every detail, from the reinforced frame that ensures stability and support, to the high-quality fabric that withstands wear and tear. With a focus on sustainability and performance, our chair offers an investment in your comfort and health that endures.

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