Office Tables

The design of your office spaces with office tables and office desking can reflect a lot about your workplace. Not only does your workspace have to be functional and conducive to productivity, but also tells a story that evokes emotion. Office tables and office desking exist in different designs and layouts, from the traditional to the modern in different colours. Besides these regular office tables and office desking, there are also office workstations for a larger group of coworkers.

Here at, we offer a variety of high-quality office tables and office desking to suit your workspace. Buy office tables and office desking in Singapore from for your office today.

  • Round Foldable Desk
  • Roxas Office Table (Single Seater)
  • Cassia Office Table (Single Seater)
  • Nistra Office Table (Single Seater)
  • Rumex Office Table (Single Seater)