Executive Office Chairs

It has been reported that most Singaporeans spend at least 8 hours a day just sitting. Sitting for prolonged hours leads to the development of back and neck aches, poor posture, and unwanted health risks. This essentially speaks a lot about the importance of choosing the right chair, especially ones that provide the best ergonomic design.

Ergonomic mesh chairs are one of the most common and popular ergonomic furniture available in the market in Singapore. They come in all sorts of designs, from fully mesh ones to those with and without a neck rest. These chairs often provide ergonomic features such as adjustable armrests, seat height and depth, and a comprehensive tilt mechanism. While some of the chairs offer fixed lumbar support, some allow you to adjust it to your required height. All in all, comfort is the key priority when purchasing such chairs, be it during gaming or a regular day in the office.

It is vital to choose the right ergonomic mesh office chair. A well-fitted ergonomic mesh office chair not only helps correct your sitting posture but also helps boost productivity. Being one of the leading ergonomic furniture suppliers in Singapore, we offer many varieties and designs of chairs that will bring a refreshing look to your office space. If you are interested in getting one but do not know which to choose, our experienced staff at any of our showrooms can guide you to the right chair.

  • C37 PLUS Office Chair
  • J30 Office Chair
  • Orca Office Chair
  • Laris Office Chair
  • Jade Office Chair
  • C55 Office Chair
  • Edison Office Chair
  • ANY Duo Backrest Chair
  • C75 Office Chair
  • Aura Office Chair
  • New M20 Office Chair
  • M20 PLUS Office Chair
  • M15 Office Chair
  • M22 Office Chair
  • M16 Office Chair
  • M19 Office Chair