Mandai Showroom

Meet Our Mandai Sales Staff

Hi! I am Shor, currently in my late 40s and I have joined TakeAseat since 2014. I enjoy listening to customers and understanding their needs so as to share with them my knowledge on ergonomics to help them sit and work ergonomically. You can find me at the Mandai showroom!
Sales Executive, Mandai Showroom

List Of Items On Display At Mandai Showroom

Standing Desks & Accessories

  1. KLEIN Mini Electric Standing Desk
  2. ORION Basic Electric Standing Desk
  3. SIRIO Electric Standing Desk (Single Motor)
  4. VIGOR 2020 Electric Standing Desk (Dual Motors)
  5. AETON Electric Standing Desk (Dual Motors)
  6. SEIV Electric Standing Desk (Dual Motors)
  7. Laptop Desk
  8. Sit Stand Desk Converter (Small)
  9. Sit Stand Desk Converter (Medium)
  10. Standing Desk Plus
  11. Cable Management Spine
  12. Kinder Kids Electric Standing Desk

Ergonomic Accessories

  1. Type C Dual Monitor Arm
  2. Anti-Fatigue Mat
  3. ACU Anti-Fatigue Mat
  4. Type B Back Cushion


  1. Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Split Ergonomic Keyboard
  2. Logitech MX Ergo Vertical Wireless Ergonomic Mouse
  3. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse
  4. Logitech Ergo M575 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Office Chairs

  1. Wobble Sit Stand Stool
  2. C20 Office Chair
  3. C37 Office Chair
  4. J30 Office Chair
  5. Click Office Chair (Orange)
  6. Edison Office Chair (Black/Black)
  7. New C55 Office Chair (White/Grey)
  8. Aria Office Chair
  9. C75 Office Chair
  10. New M18 Office Chair
  11. M20 Office Chair (Black)
  12. Aries Mid Back Leather Office Chair
  13. Aries High Back Leather Office Chair
  14. Kneeling Chair
  15. Tyson Ergonomic Chair
  16. Horseback Saddle Chair
  17. Pride Dual Back Chair (Red)(Standard version)
  18. ANY Duo Backrest Chair (Black)(Pro version)
  19. New Euro Duo Back Chair (White/Black)(Pro version)
  20. Vision Ergonomic Chair (White)
  21. Simple Ergonomic Chair
  22. Argon Luxury Ergonomic Chair
  23. Sapphire Basic Ergonomic Chair
  24. Sail Basic Ergonomic Chair (Blue)
  25. Sail Basic Ergonomic Chair With Legrest (Black)
  26. Sail Luxury Ergonomic Chair
  27. Nova Ergonomic Chair
  28. Independent Ergonomic Chair
  29. Pilot Ergonomic Chair
  30. Pilot 2 Ergonomic Chair
  31. Spring Luxury Ergonomic Chair
  32. FLY Ergonomic Chair
  33. Humanscale Diffrient World Chair
  34. Humanscale Liberty Task Chair
  35. Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair
  36. Flair Kids Study Chair


Recliner Sofas

  1. VENICE PU Leather – Cooper
  2. VENICE Half Leather – White
  3. TUSCANY PU Leather – Bonfire

Lounge Chairs 

  1. Luxury Lounge Chair


  1. Kid2Youth FIT School Bag (Blue)
  2. Kid2Youth Ergonomic School Bag
  3. M6+XS Study Table
  4. G6+XS Study Table (Blue)
  5. G6+S Study Table (White)
  6. G7+S Study Table
  7. G5-XL Laptop Table
  8. BABO Study Chair (Deep Blue)
  9. EGO C Study Chair (Aqua Green)
  10. DUO Study Chair (Deep Blue)
  11. BABO Study Chair Cover (Coral Red)
  12. BABO Study Chair Footrest
  13. Kids Cabinet
  14. Desktop Storage
  15. Standing Kids Bookshelf
  16. Book Stand (Pink)
  17. Bookends (Green)
  18. Stationery Holder (Blue)


  1.  Ergobags

Study Lamps

  1. BenQ WIT E-Reading Lamp (Galaxy Silver)
  2. BenQ WIT MindDuo Lamp
  3. 3M P1500 Polarizing Task Light
  4. 3M LED 2000 Polarizing Task Light

Disclaimer: List will be kept as up to date as possible. The list may be changed or updated without notice. For more information, please drop us an email at or contact us at 6362-2480.