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Is the delivery free of charge?

The delivery is generally free except for the followings:

(1) Delivery to restricted areas such as Camps, Jurong Island, Sentosa etc.

(2) Places with no direct lift access and stairs climbing is required during the delivery.


Delivery Surcharge

For places with no direct lift access and if stairs climbing are required for the delivery, a staircase delivery surcharge applies – with the condition that the stairs climbing at that particular place is safe for our staff or contractor to do so.

The amount for staircase delivery surcharge can be found under the ‘Shipping’ page.

• Restricted areas delivery surcharge of $15.00 applies to special or restricted areas.

• Re-delivery surcharge of $30.00 applies should you acknowledged our confirmation call or SMS for the delivery but is not available to receive it at the last minute while the item is out for delivery with our delivery team.

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