Kids ergonomic study tables are designed to be adjustable in height and tilting of the tabletop. The height adjustment allows for the table to be at an optimal height that correspond to the height of the child for the correct sitting posture. As the child grows, the height of the table can also be adjusted accordingly.

The tabletop can also be tilted for different activities such as reading, writing and drawing, and this helps to prevent neck ache and injury.


Ergonomic is especially important for a child because sitting in a incorrect posture can lead to all sorts of pains to their back, neck arms and even causes hunchback. Practicing ergonomic at an early age prevents them from developing any health issues associated with bad posture when they grow older.

Kids Ergonomic Singapore

Kids Ergonomic Study Table Features

Kids Ergonomic Singapore

Height Adjustment

Kids Ergonomic Singapore

Tiltable Tabletop

Kids Ergonomic Singapore

Under-desk Drawer

Kids Ergonomic Singapore

Bag Hook

Kids Ergonomic Study Tables That Your Child Deserved

M6+XS Study Table &
BABO Study Chair Set

Now $699.00

• Manual height adjustment
• Suitable for age 3 and above
• L shaped tabletop
• Table 100cm x 75cm x 53cm ~ 73cm

G2+S Study Table &
BABO Study Chair Set

Now $799.00

• Gas lift height adjustment
• Suitable for age 5 and above
• One piece front tiltable tabletop
• Table 117cm x 80.5cm x 56cm ~ 83cm

G6+XS Study Table &
DUO Study Chair Set

Now $1059.00

• Gas lift height adjustment
• Suitable for age 3 and above
• L shaped tabletop
• Table 101cm x 76cm x 53cm ~ 80cm

Create An Positive Learning Environment For Your Child

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Kid2Youth Singapore

Kid2Youth is the leading Taiwanese kids ergonomic brand by TCT Nanotec CO LTD. The design concepts of Kid2Youth’s products are focused mainly on health, safety and being environmentally friendly. Through research and development, they produces a series of kids ergonomic study tables and chairs that provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for children.

Kids Ergonomic Singapore


Ergonomic is also important for us adults too, given that how we often spend at least 8 hours each day slouching and hunching into our chairs at the workplace with minimal movements. Poor posture cause neck, backache and make your muscles and joints feel very stiff. These ergonomic products such as standing desks, monitor arms and ergonomic chairs can help improve our posture and thus increase our work productivity.

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