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"Very pleased with the purchase. Both parent and kid are able to use it for work or Home Based Learning.."
"The adjustable table height offers comfort to different users, especially great for HBL or working from home.."
"My kid is excited to know that table can be adjusted at an angle, which fits her various needs. Easy to adjust the height.."

Benefits Of Kid2Youth

Promotes Healthy Sitting Posture

Kids Ergonomic Singapore

Ensure A Good Sitting Posture With Your Child

Study Table That Grows With Your Child

The kids’ ergonomic adjustable study tables are designed to make height adjustment seamless with just a tilt of the tabletop. The height adjustment allows for the study table to be at the optimal height for a child’s sitting posture. As the child grows, the height of the table can also be adjusted accordingly.

The tabletop can also be tilted for various activities such as drawing, reading, and writing; all while preventing neck aches and injuries. Visit any of our showrooms in Singapore today and find out how your child can reap the benefits of owning ergonomic furniture!

The Study Desk Your Child Deserves

Study Desk Your Child Deserves

Help Your Child Achieve A Better Posture

Kid2Youth Ergonomic Study Chairs

Kid2Youth Ergonomic Study Chairs
DUO Kid2Youth Children Study Chair Singapore
DUO Kid2Youth Children Study Chair Easy Effortless

Help Your Child Achieve A Better Posture

Sturdy Materials With Extended Warranty

Our products go through extreme tests and a series of checks at the main headquarter in Taiwan, ensuring that they meet the best-required standard before being shipped to Singapore.

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Every Kid2Youth ergonomic study table and chairs are designed with high quality and built-to-last materials imported from various places in Europe, ensuring they last throughout your kid’s growing years to youth.

Top Quality Materials With High Safety Standards

Every ergonomic study table designed by Kid2Youth is not only designed to correct and make good sitting posture a habit, but also to ensure safety as your child uses it.

High Safety Standards

Certified & Endorsed By Professionals

Endorsed By Professionals

Help Your Child Achieve A Better Posture


With the increase in computer technology implemented in education, children spend more time facing the screen. Because their bones and body structures are still developing, paying attention to ergonomics can help reduce the development of chronic pain while providing a comfortable seating position. While we cannot change the need for technology, we can change their posture from a young age.

    • Know your child’s size: You want an adjustable study table that fits your child’s height.
    • Make ergonomics the priority: Make sure there is ample room under the table for your child to move his legs freely.
    • Consider available space at home: If your home has limited study space, a table with integrated storage will definitely help you save space.

A good children’s ergonomic chair should allow your child to sit comfortably with their feet firmly and fully planted on the floor with their knees positioned at a right angle. It also has a good backrest that encourages them to comfortably sit upright without slouching. Ideally, you would also want to get chairs with wheels for ease of moving around and protect your floor from scratches.


Conventional chairs most children use in schools are one-size-fits-all and have firm seats that incline backwards to a hollow seating. These chairs offer little to no proper cushion and back support, resulting in aches and pains after prolonged sitting. Our children’s ergonomic chairs have ample cushions with adjustable backrest and height, allowing your child to adjust accordingly, creating a more comfortable learning environment.

Conventional tables are usually non-adjustable and flat. This does not promote healthy sitting, especially when reading, as children then have to slouch to get in a “comfortable” position or strain their necks to view their material. Our adjustable study table allows children to adjust according to their size. Furthermore, the tabletop is tiltable, which encourages a comfortable sight distance.