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"Wide range of tabletop lamination designs to match your room or office."

"More than 100 tabletop designs to choose from, it won’t be hard to find a desk that suits your space."

"If you want a specific shade of colour for your tabletop, the TakeAseat Electric Desk will probably have that."

Electric Desk

Your Search For Electric Desk Ends Here

Always having to adjust your posture while at your desk? Your table should work to fit you, not the other way around. Consider an electric desk that lets you adjust to an optimal height with just a touch of a button and switch from sitting to standing at frequent intervals in order to prevent any sedentary sitting habits.

Over 100 Tabletop Designs

With more than 100 tabletop designs for you to choose, from matte, laminated wood, laminated marble, solid wood and even Hello Kitty designs, there’s sure to be one that matches the theme and colour scheme of your room.

Adjust To Your Optimal Height In Seconds

Fixed height tables and hand-cranked standing desks are a relic of the past. With our electric desks, you can change the desk height at the push of a button effortlessly, see the current height of your table and save presets for easy switching between sitting and standing!

Whisper Motor Technology

Despite having powerful motors, our electric desks are whisper-quiet, operating with noise level of lower than 50db. They emit the faintest whirring noise when raising or lowering your desk, and you wouldn’t have to worry about waking anyone up if you’re using it at night.

Load Capacity

Never worry about your desk’s structural integrity. The FORTE electric desk can withstand up to 70kg in weight, while the VIGOR electric desk takes up to a whopping 125kg – you could safely sit on the VIGOR desk without breaking it.


Your satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we have a 5 year standard warranty for both our FORTE and VIGOR electric desks so you can purchase and use it with a piece of mind. Enjoy a free 2 year warranty extension by submitting a photo or video of your electric desks online via our Warranty Extension programme.

Over 100 Tabletop Designs Available

Bored with plain black or white tabletops? We’ve got a range so extensive you’ll be spoilt for choice. From a full range of colours, to all kinds of wooden finishes, marbles, Hello Kitty designs – we have all kinds of tabletop laminates, all coming in a user-friendly finishing. If you want absolute sophistication, you may opt for our Solid Wood tabletops. They’re sourced from trees that are cut down & disposed during the daily landscaping maintenance across Singapore

Laminated Tabletop

Solid Wood Tabletop

Customizable Electric Desks

Our customizable electric desks are available in 2 different models – the FORTE electric desk and the VIGOR electric desk.

FORTE Electric Desk

Electric Desk
  • From $559
  • Basic Version
  • Single Motor Technology
  • Tabletop Length from 1m to 1.6m 
  • Height Adjustment from 71cm to121cm 
  • Adjustable Speed at 25mm/s
  • 3 Preset Memory Settings
  • LCD Displaying Table Height
  • Touch Controller For Height Adjustment
  • Noise Under 50dB When Adjusting
  • No Anti-Collision System
  • Weight Capacity 70kg
  • 5 Year Warranty

VIGOR Electric Desk

Electric Desk
  • From $679
  • Premium Version With Sedentary Alert
  • Dual Motor Technology
  • Tabletop Length From 1.2m to 1.8m
  • Height Adjustment from 60.8cm to 123cm
  • Adjustable Speed at 38mm/s
  • 3 Preset Memory Settings
  • LCD Displaying Table Height
  • Touch Controller For Height Adjustment
  • Noise Under 50dB When Adjusting
  • Anti Collision System
  • Weight Capacity 125kg
  • 5 Year Warranty

How The Electric Desk Helps, From A Chiropractor

See how our electric desks help you with your posture from Dr Steve, a chiropractor.

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Looking For Alternatives?

Not seeing what you like or is the FORTE and VIGOR desks over your budget? Fret not! We have a wide range of other affordable standing desks for you to choose from.

Sit Stand Desk Converter

KLEIN Mini Electric Desk

ORION Electric Desk

Recommended By Chiropractor

"I love this standing desk riser. You can easily lift and lower the desk within two seconds, it's very stable and well made. Highly recommended for those who spend long periods of time at their desk. I use it all the time!"

See What Our Customers Say

"Functional and efficient. This desk has changed the way I am able to work from home. The installation process was professional and painless."
Simon D
"I’ve been using it for a month now and very happy with the quality of the product. The sit-stand desk converter is sturdy and the smooth hydraulics make it so easy to raise and lower!"
"The design and functionality is perfect for my need. Like the classy finishing."