A Singaporean Youtuber’s Sail Luxury Review and Comparison against the Ergotune Supreme


A Singaporean Youtuber’s Sail Luxury Review and Comparison against the Ergotune Supreme

Singaporean Technology Youtuber ZXTECH recently released a video in which they reviewed TakeAseat’s Sail Luxury Ergonomic chair. We were happy to hear that they enjoyed their experience with the chair, and are sharing the contents of their video here.


According to them, given that the Sail Luxury is “also around S$600, also from a local brand and also a ergonomic mesh office chair”, it was inevitably going to be compared to Ergotune Supreme. We completely agree, as the current market for ergonomic chairs at this price does have a few notable entries.

Chair Review

“Definitely a nice chair: comfortable, ergonomic, has all the adjustments that you would want, with good ventilation and mesh material” – ZXTECH

ZXTECH mentioned in the review that the chair looks clean and not out of place in a home office setup due to its lack of flashy logos; conversely, it would also look great in a gaming setup. They also felt that the chair’s build quality was “very sturdy” and “premium” due to the solid aluminum backing, with all the adjustments feeling secure and fitting. 


Head to Head

Due to ZXTECH recently getting an ErgoTune Supreme, and it being a very similar chair in terms of features and price point, their video was structured around comparison of both chairs’ features such as the overall build, material, adjustments, and individual components like the lumbar support and headrest. We’ll try our best to summarize their head-to-head comparisons here:


  • In terms of the overall build, they declared the Sail Luxury the clear winner due to its all-aluminum back and base, which helped make the chair feel more sturdy.


  • In terms of materials, both chairs were quite similar, but he preferred the mesh fabric of the ErgoTune Supreme as it was softer and more comfortable; he stated the Sail Luxury could be less comfortable if used without clothes on due to the ‘nylon-plastic feeling’ material used for the mesh, but also added that wearing a shirt of any kind would solve that issue.


  • For headrests, ZXTECH preferred the Sail’s, as while the ErgoTune does have more adjustments on the headrest, they felt that the Sail’s headrest was less flimsy and more secure, giving better comfort.


  • Lumbar support was a tie, due to the different approaches taken by both chairs. The ErgoTune has a very soft and comfortable support, whereas the Sail’s was deemed as almost ‘aggressive’, protruding out more. They did appreciate the lumbar support on the Sail adapting to your body shape and amount of pressure being put on it, though.


  • Adjustment-wise, it was a close one due to both chairs having adjustable seat depth, lumbar height, tilt, etc., but the ErgoTune won due to its ‘5D’ armrest as well as more-adjustable headrest. 



The Sail Luxury ergonomic chair was proven to be a solid competitor at this price point, and we were glad to see a review from a local tech YouTuber known for being impartial and unbiased. 

Note that the Sail Luxury ergonomic chair has a budget variant known as the Sail Basic ergonomic chair, which still comes with the same adjustments and features. The main differences with the Basic are that the backing is not all-aluminium and the chair is slightly narrower in comparison to the Luxury; this doesn’t mean that the Basic is small, as the Luxury was made for larger individuals. 

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