Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Monitor Arms

Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Monitor Arms

Nevertheless, utilising monitor arms is a great way to not only free up space on your desks but also help you achieve a greater level of ergonomic comfort, which leads to improved productivity. However, before jumping straight online to grab the first monitor arm you see, you need to ensure that your monitor is VESA-compatible.

Other factors to consider before getting a monitor arm are:

  • How many monitors you are currently using
  • How big your monitors are
  • How heavy your monitors are
  • The variety of adjustments that you require – tilted, vertically, forward and backwards, or horizontally
  • Are there any attachments or accessories that you might need – For example, a laptop tray

Once you have considered these factors, the next step is to consider the type of desk mount you might want to get.

1. Side-clamp desk mounts

A clamp-style mount secures the monitor arm at the side of the desk, freeing up a significant amount of desk space below the monitor. Most computer desks will be able to install a clamp-style mount at its side. However, if you are using an older desk that is boxed up on the sides and back, you might not be able to install this mount.

Side-clamp desk mounts are the least complicated type of desk mount you can get. They are straightforward to install and require just a screwdriver to tighten. What makes them popular mount types is that they are not permanent installations. You can install them at any desk side as long as there is sufficient space.

2. Through-the-desk Grommet stand

A through-the-desk mount is usually a semi-permanent installation. However, similar to the clamp-style mount, it takes up minimal desk space, freeing up space below the monitor. Through-the-desk Grommet stands are usually heavier than their clamp-style counterpart. Hence, a single, heavy-duty bolt is used to run through the desk. With that being said, it also means that your placement options are limited as you either have to drill your own hole or get a desk that has pre-drilled Grommet holes.

Through-the-desk mounts are typically popular among users using multiple monitors as they are known to be sturdier and more stable as compared to clamp-style mounts.


Once you have selected your desk mounts, the only thing left to do is adjust the monitor arms optimally. That includes adjusting it to eye level, ensuring that it is at most one arm’s length away from you, and tilting it up to 20 degrees backward to avoid monitor glare and reflections.

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