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Be Productive! Sit To Stand With Standing Desk

It’s not an easy task to adjust yourself in a situation. A survey states that an average person sits approximately 6 to 10 hours daily. The regular hours of sitting now have a new phrase; “Sitting is the New Smoking” And, what do we do to rectify it? We run, we hit the gym, lift weights and keep a well-balanced diet right? But, has it ever occurred to you that sitting continuously for hours might be wreaking havoc on your mental as well as physical health. Imagine something as less harmful as sitting, can actually be the cause of your bad health and is taking years away from your life.

Well, to get away with it, markets are now flooded with ergonomic products that can actually help and benefit your health. With products like the electric standing desk and sit stand desk converter, people can opt easily to avoid serious back & health problems by using it in your daily routines. It is an invention which will adjust according to your preferences and conveniently adjust to your body type. All you have to do is pick the one that you want and get started.

Let us take a look at how an ergonomic table might be a great assistance for our fitness. We’ve got certain advantages of a standing desk to make it handy for you.

Obesity? – Get your Adjustable Standing Desk Now!

Sitting is the major cause of obesity wherein the chances of getting health problems increases. Our bodies are not designed to function in that way. And, with the advent of technology and computers, it has only worsened the situation. Physical activity has gradually decreased leaving people crippled with health issues. A standing desk will increase your standing hours and decline the sitting hours respectively.

Modifying Your Body Needs with Adjustable Standing Desk

These health suitable desks help you in having more vitality. An important benefit of having a standing desk at your workstation or home enhances your working system & keeps the blood streaming in the body leaving you with a more active mind & energy. It’s a lot harder to get tired of your work area if you’re standing as you know the functioning of your body pretty well.

Use Stand Desk as an Innovation for Better Posture

The increasing importance of computers at your workstation is becoming the mainstream cause of major health issues. And the key to having good health and posture is a lot of variations in the body movements. Sitting for long hours restricts your body to perform these variations & often tend to get musculoskeletal discomfort. These desks assist you in weight re-positioning & weight re-distributing in maintaining a stress-free body.

Another advantage of having these desks aids in the reduction of lower back pressure, along with pressure on the legs & your buttocks. As simple as it sounds, our body is naturally inclined towards actions and stretch. The standing desk reduces the pressure effects on the spine and enhances the blood flow throughout the body.

Get Upbeat with Your Co-Workers

So here’s the thing, having a standing desk at your work helps you interact more with your colleagues. Work while standing gives you a chance to communicate with your co-workers while they pass by your desk. Also, it gives you a chance to get involved in participating actively in all the work areas as compared to sitting for hours, or through an e-mail. It becomes easy to be an active volunteer in all the spheres of your life. Be it personal or professional.

Boost Your Body Enzymes with Adjustable Stand Desk

Long hours of sitting at one position decrease your blood circulation and increase your chances of mental fatigue. This often leads to poor performance at your work, low productivity, less concentration and above all major health complications like heart disease, increased cholesterol, back problem, neck pain, vertigo and other issues like thrombosis.

Shifting to the fashionable, modern yet health benefitting standing desks will help you work more efficiently and shrink the chances of developing these problems.

Say Good–bye to Your Mundane Office Furniture

As they say, your office environment and interiors say a lot about you and your work. Your sedentary lifestyle not just takes a toll on your health but also make you re-think a change in your ordinary working lifestyle. Getting rid of the conventional office furniture and opting for ergonomic styles like adjustable stand desk will give you a fresh mind & your office a top-notch appearance in the business world.

This furniture is adjustable, accommodating and above all elegant and classy to look at. It’ll give your office a fresh look, progressive and appealing to your prospective employees. Inspire new hires with the best ergonomic furnishings and also efficiently perk up work-related constant worries and injuries.

Improve Your Life Expectancy with Standing Desk

Did you know that if you stand for long hours, you are more likely to live longer? Research says that people who stand for long hours are more energetic and active as compared to people who are lazy and sleepy. So, taking these things into account, an adjustable stand desk is the best option to start your day within your office. Also, you can get rid of the fats accumulated in your body while sitting in front of your computer system for hours.

Better Safe Culture with Standing Desk

Ergonomics demonstrates your organisation’s responsibility regarding the well-being of the employees as a core value. The cumulative impact of ergonomics is a stronger safety for your organisation. If you are healthy then you are a profitable resource for your company.

So if you’re looking for fostering a healthy culture in your office and promoting better human execution for the company, the standing desk comes in handy making you work with full potential & good well-being.

Some of our standing desks include the electric standing desk, sit stand desk converters, standing desk plus and the ergonomic laptop desk. Find out more about ergonomics here.

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