Removing Office Chair Parts

In this video, we show you how to remove chair parts such as the castor wheels and leg frame easily so that you can change it on your own if you ever need to.

First, flip the chair over for the ease of removal. The leg frame and castor wheels used in the video are made of nylon. If it is a new chair which has just been set up not long ago, you can easily remove the castor wheels by pulling them straight out. However, if the chair has been used for a long time or there are hairs stuck in the roller wheels or even if the castor wheel is broken, you can use a pair of scissors to get in between the chair leg frame and the castor wheel’s tip and pull it out. To put the castor wheel back into the leg frame, you would just need to push the castor wheel in as shown in the video.

To remove the leg frame, you would need to use tools such as hammer and knock it at the correct place. In this case, our technician separates the leg frame from the chair by knocking the middle of the leg frame where the gas lift is attached. Similar to the castor wheels, a chair that has just been set up would be easy to remove while chair that has been used for a period of time may need some force to get the leg frame out. To replace the leg frame, you would just need to position the gas lift onto the hole of the leg frame and place it in. To remove the gas lift, you would need to hammer the base mechanism evenly at all of the areas around it.

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