Recliner Chairs

Our leather recliner chairs are the epitome of comfort. The medium/high-density foam, the intuitive reclining functions, and the range of leather colours are just a few of the attractive features that make them the undisputed value buys in the recliner class.

Great quality materials are our priority. This is why we have opted for high density foam to deliver a truly relaxing experience. The foam used in our recliner chair is much less prone to deformation and compression than the cheaper recliners you see on the market. It also provides better support, especially at your lower back (lumbar) area, so that prolonged periods of usage do not result in fatigue.

The TUSCANY Recliner chair

The reclining mechanism of the recliner chairs are convenient as well as easy to learn. They convert to reclined position with a simple lever, with a full recline achieved simply by leaning back. The recliner chairs can be restored to the seated position by pressing your feet on the legrest to lock it back, and you can get right back up.

The Venice and Tuscany recliner chairs both offer a half-leather option, where all contact surfaces are upholstered with genuine leather, with the other surfaces consisting of PVC leather for enhanced durability while maintaining an affordable price. For a more affordable option, both models also offer all-PU leather variants. There are currently 16 unique colours between the 2 models. Check out our Venice recliner chair here and the Tuscany recliner chair here.

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