Office Ergonomics

In this video, we talk about the 3 products – the type B monitor arm, the standing desk and the adjustable keyboard – which forms office ergonomics. Office Ergonomics is important because most people spent 8 hours sitting in the office each day without a lot of physical movement. It can cause several health problems such as back pain, obesity, higher risk of heart diseases and much more.

Monitor Arm

The type B monitor arm is one of the latest addition to our range of ergonomic products. It is a dual USB, single monitor arm that can hold monitor screens with a size of up to 30 inches. It can be adjusted in a few different ways – such as the depth, the height as well as the angle of the monitor in relation to the table and the user. As your eyes and vision are on the monitor screen throughout the day, without a monitor arm, you will most likely strain your neck as most of the time the monitor will be in an incorrect position whereby you will have to tilt your head upwards or downwards to look at it. This is especially so as most of the companies are providing their employees with laptops, and usually, when the laptop is on the desk, the user will tend to look downwards at an angle which will cause the neck and shoulder to be stiff while the wrist will be aching.

Standing Desk

Next, the standing desk is a height adjustable desk that sits on an existing tabletop. According to studies, when you sit a long time in the office, you will tend to develop back pain. It is recommended that you sit for a few hours and then switch to a standing position to work. This will ultimately help you to in terms of your health and joint. The standing desk is an alternative to an electric standing desk, which you can adjust with a touch of the buttons, and often cost over a thousand dollars.

To raise the standing desk up, there is a lever on the right side of the desk for you to press and lift. It uses a unique pneumatic lifting system which enables you to adjust the height effortlessly within seconds. There is a small, long slot at the front of the standing desk for you to place devices such as mobile phones or tablets. A keyboard tray will come with the standing desk for you to place your keyboard and mouse.

Keyboard Tray

Next, the adjustable keyboard tray is an alternative if you do not have a standing desk. The keyboard tray can be adjusted in terms of height and angle which your shoulders should be relaxed. The keyboard tray should be tilted slightly downwards to the front so that your wrists will be inclined downwards. This is because when your wrists are facing upwards, it will be straining on your wrists.

Read on to find out more about the health benefits of a standing desk.

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