Office Chair Vs. Gaming Chair: Which One Should You Go For?

Office Chair Vs. Gaming Chair: Which One Should You Go For?

Video games and e-Sports have received much traction in the past couple of years, progressing from a daily hobby to a global-scale entertainment. With more people getting into online gaming globally, the real-world variables in gaming cultures separate serious gamers from hobbyists.

Chairs are one of the first things that most would invest in when thinking of improving their gaming setups. Gamers can spend hours training and improving their craft. Getting the right chair can help to make their long sessions more comfortable. Adopting good ergonomics can also help you avoid certain gaming related pains and aches. When looking at chair options, many would consider a gaming chair or an office chair.

There are, however, many variables to consider when choosing between the two. While both chairs do not only spruce up your gaming space but also encourage comfortable gameplay, there are many key benefits and drawbacks to either chair when put side by side.


One of the main reasons gamers prefer getting a gaming chair rather than an office chair is because of the design. In most cases, gaming chairs offer bright colours, quality embroidery, and different customisations to enhance the gaming experience. This leads consumers to think that aesthetics are favoured over comfort when it comes to a gaming chair. However, despite the distinct look and structure, both gaming and office chairs are designed to be ergonomically friendly.

A gaming chair is designed like the seat of a car, hugging you while you game. The drawback is that it also limits the flexibility of moving sideways, front, and backwards with the chair’s side bolsters. On the other hand, an office chair allows you to move around more freely, which is ideal if you are sitting for long hours.

Lumbar support

Most gaming chairs come with a high flat backrest, with the option to add adjustable cushion support. The cushions deflate easily after continuous use and might not be the best in providing good lumbar support. Hence, if you find yourself often suffering from lower back aches, the chances are that you might need to consider getting an office chair that usually is designed with adjustable lumbar support.

Adjustable features

Most gaming chairs come with a knee-tilt mechanism, which often does not encourage proper ergonomic postures. An office chair often comes with adjustable features such as backrest adjustments, independent lumbar support, and seat depth adjustments. They are usually found in some office chairs, especially in premium models. However, they might not be found on gaming chairs. Many gaming chairs, however, come with certain adjustable functions that office chairs do not have, such as the ability to recline the seat parallel to the ground.

Materials of chair

Everybody has their own preference when it comes to the material of the chair. Besides the softness and hardness of the chair, one might also want to consider factors such as waterproofness. Many gaming chairs come in either fabric or PU leather that offers a soft-touch texture, which is highly popular among gamers.

On the other hand, office chairs often come in vinyl or mesh materials. Mesh office chairs have, over the years, been a popular material as it is highly breathable, allowing your back to stay cool and refreshed.


The price of each chair type varies according to the number of adjustable functions they offer. A mid-range office chair, usually when compared to a high-end gaming chair, offers better functionality and adjustments. However, when compared in the same price range, gaming chairs might offer better aesthetic features than office chairs.


Some people might claim that gaming chairs are not as beneficial as office chairs and are costly just because of their aesthetic designs. However, gaming chairs offer many customisable features that might be more appealing than office chairs. Yet if we are talking about affordability and comfort, office chairs should be your primary choice. All in all, it boils down to personal budget and preference. Both types of chairs are ideal for gaming or working.

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