Mesh Office Chairs: The Secret Weapon In The Current Heat

Mesh Office Chairs: The Secret Weapon In The Current Heat

High temperatures and humidity are not foreign to Singapore, measuring up to 37 degrees Celsius and 80%, respectively, in recent months. In fact, it was reported that since the mid-1970s, Singapore has heated up twice as fast when compared to the rest of the world, facing the dual effect of the urban heat island effect and global warming.

And as the weather is likely to remain the same, with the addition of an impending transboundary haze, many Singaporeans are scrambling for tools that will ease their discomfort, especially since many are adopting a hybrid work life.

There are many temporary solutions to help you stay cool and productive in the current weather. One of which is investing in a cooler study/office chair. (We do not mean getting a cool-looking chair. We mean getting a chair that will keep you nice and cool while you study or work.)

How to beat the heat

Office chairs are available in all kinds of upholstery, depending on your preferences and budget. Some of the more popular choices in Singapore are leather, mesh, and fabric. Each upholstery has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it is vital that you test them out before selecting your chair.

If you had like to get a chair that allows you to keep cool in your office or at home, then you might want to consider getting a mesh chair.

Why a mesh chair? It is pretty straightforward. The mesh upholstery offers free space and better airflow, which makes the material so breathable, improving ventilation while you are working or studying in your chair.

And not just any mesh chair. Investing in a mesh ergonomic chair is vital as it provides significant support for your body, enabling you to study and work with a healthy posture and relieving you of any pains and aches that might affect your productivity. One of the most popular mesh ergonomic chairs at TakeAseat is our ErgoLuxe Ergonomic Chair which has comfortable lumbar support, an adjustable backrest, and a full-tilt function.

The adjustable seat depth and 3D adjustable armrests enable different kinds of users and tasks – a feature that is usually found only in more expensive ergonomic chairs. For their highly adjustable and comfortable features, you will be glad to know that your money was well spent.

While mesh chairs offer a significant amount of airflow, we highly recommend one with adequate padding if you sit for prolonged hours. Because the mesh material is not able to distribute your weight evenly, sitting for more than six hours a day on the chair may cause some to experience uncomfortable pressure points under the thighs as a result of disrupted circulation in the legs.

Some of the cooling ergonomic chairs that are available includes the Vision Ergonomic Chair, Simple Ergonomic Chair and the SAIL Ergonomic chairs which are designed to help you beat the heat.

Tips for your mesh office chair

Compared to other upholstered ergonomic chairs, the mesh material is highly straightforward and simple to maintain. All you need is a damp cloth and a vacuum! Daily vacuuming and wiping down after will ensure that your chair is dust and dirt free, which makes maintenance efficient and fuss-free. For a thorough clean, here are five steps to do so.


Staying cool is more crucial than you think. It is imperative for comfort, which in turn affects our seating postures. Hence, investing in mesh ergonomic chairs is crucial in Singapore. Not only do you enjoy the benefits of healthy ergonomics, but you also stay cool and comfortable at the same time, allowing you to stay productive and maintain extended time concentrating on your work or study.

With that being said, should you require assistance on what works best for your specific needs and which ergonomic mesh chair works best for you, then look no further at TakeAseat. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we are one of Singapore’s leading providers of ergonomic products, such as height-adjustable desks.

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