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For the healthy development of your child’s physical and mental abilities, it is essential to create a healthy and comfortable study environment. It is important that kids can take care of their homework, spend creative time drawing or playing without being distracted by uncomfortable physical sensations or by the lack of space for all their stationery, books and toys. In today’s fast-paced modern society with so many colourful stimulants, a lot of children already experience challenges to concentrate. And on top of that, they may also experience physical discomfort because of an unsuitable study table, it is no wonder that it is so challenging for them to stay for long periods of time at the desk. These are just a couple of reasons why it is highly advisable to acquire a kids ergonomic study table.

Why Your Kid Needs an Ergonomic Study Table

The main reason why we should set up a proper study space for our children is to prevent them from developing any health issues associated with bad posture. Spending long hours sitting at a desk, which is not aligned to your child’s body can greatly affect their posture. Incorrect posture can cause all sorts of pains in their back, neck and arms. It can also lead to poor blood circulation. If symptoms of bad posture are left unaddressed, it can develop into more serious health problems at a later stage of their life. That is why is it crucial to prevent these issues from an early age.

When we think of sitting in a correct posture, we often think of getting an ergonomic chair, which is indeed logical. However, the difference between an adult and a child is that the child is constantly growing, so their study environment needs to be adjusted frequently and more carefully. In this case, an ergonomic chair might simply not be enough to ensure a healthy kid’s study space. That is why it is equally important to set up an ergonomic study table for your child. A kids ergonomic study table will help you provide your kid with a fully comfortable study environment, addressing all your child’s needs and producing space for effective learning. It will also reduce stress and any already existing pains caused by bad posture.

Choosing The Right Kids Ergonomic Study Table

Kids ergonomic study tables are designed to be adjustable. You can adjust the height, size and layout to the constantly changing position of your growing child. They are also designed in a way that all your child’s stationery is easily accessible, providing a safe and efficient working space. Let’s take a look at what are the important factors to consider when choosing an ergonomic study table for your fast growing and actively learning child.


G2+S Kid2Youth Study Table Singapore

A regular desk usually has a fixed height, which does not always correspond to the desired height for the correct sitting posture. It is great if you have an ergonomic chair and can adjust the height of the chair. However, if your child is quite young and his feet don’t reach the ground, it means there is not enough support for the correct posture. So in this case, it is important to adjust the height of the study table as well. As your child grows, you will find yourself needing to adjust the study table height accordingly. If your table can be adjusted to a standing position, that is ideal, as the more your child can move freely, the better it is for his posture. Good examples of basic, height adjustable study tables will be the G2+S, G6+XS and E1200 children study table.

Tiltable Table Top

G6+XS Kid2Youth Child Study Table Singapore

The tiltable table top feature is very useful in preventing neck pain and injury. Different tasks, such as reading, writing or drawing, might require a different angle for the posture. Adjusting this angle will provide your child with a better neck position, which will result in less tiredness and stress. It is also beneficial for sustaining concentration on the task for a long period of time. All of our kids’ ergonomic study tables come with the tiltable table top adjustment. The G2+S, G6+XS, E950 and E1100 study tables are one of them.

Accessibility of Stationery

G6+XS Kid2Youth Child Study Table Singapore

In order to encourage your kid to move freely and to concentrate better, it is important to organise his or hers working tools, so they are easily accessible and don’t create a mess or a hazard. If your child has a lot of stationery, a computer or other items, chances are that he can feel restrained and stressed having to manage it all in a small table space. Ergonomic study tables have different layouts of stationery storage, so you can choose what suits your child best, according to his or her habits. Some examples of the ergonomic study tables with accessible stationary storage are the Kid2Youth study tables and E1200 study table.

Adjusting a Kids Ergonomic Study Table

When buying kids ergonomic study table, keep in mind of the table’s dimensions and its adjustable height measurements. This will give you an accurate idea of the size of the table and for what age is suitable. It is important to choose a study table designed for a specific range of age. A common mistake many parents make is buying a bigger table so they can save some money on replacing it once the child is older. For healthy body development, the table should be the right size and regularly adjusted to fit one’s body’s needs. Expect to adjust your child’s study table at least once a year.

When adjusting the table’s height, make sure your child’s feet are supported, meaning that your child’s feet should touch the ground. If it is not possible, consider buying an ergonomic footrest. When sitting, knees should be forming a 90-degree angle. There should also be a comfortable 90-degree angle of elbows resting on the table. If your child is working on the computer, make sure that the screen is at least 20cm distance from the viewing. To achieve an optimally correct posture, pair the ergonomic study table with an ergonomic study chair. An example of this is our S100B kids ergonomic study table set.


In order to make sure your child has a healthy and comfortable learning environment, it is important to set up your child’s study space correctly. An adjustable kids ergonomic study table paired with a kids ergonomic study chair will help you to prevent your child from developing a bad posture and various back, shoulder, neck and arm pains, related to incorrect sitting. Well organised and easily reachable stationery will reduce stresses and body strains. It will also provide better conditions for your child’s concentration and it will lead to a more effective learning process. Thanks to the kids ergonomic study table being easily adjustable, it will support your child’s changing posture while growing.

Read on to find out more about what is ergonomic and view our range of Kid2Youth study tables and in-house study tables.

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