Key Features Of An Ergonomic Chair


Key Features Of An Ergonomic Chair

Many ergonomic chairs available in the Singapore market may look almost the same in terms of appearance. However, some of the functionalities may not be the same or even found on some of the ergonomic chairs. Here are some of the unique features that can be found on our Vision ergonomic chair and Sail Basic ergonomic chair with legrest.

Mesh Ventilation

The main feature of an ergonomic chair is the mesh ventilation it offers. The ventilation of a chair is especially important for most of the people in countries like Singapore due to the warm weather we experienced all year round. The mesh seat and backrest of the Vision and Sail Basic ergonomic chairs enable airflow along the back, helping them to keep cool and concentrate on their work. Leather office chair often traps heat at the seat and back, causing people to sweat and feeling uncomfortable thus losing their concentration.


The headrest feature is not always available for an office chair. As for an ergonomic chair, the headrest usually comes either as a fixed headrest or one that can only be adjusted in height. The headrest enables one to recline and lean back when they are feeling tired. If the headrest is fixed or is only height adjustable, it will not be able to support the neck optimally and may even cause neck ache during a prolonged period of sitting. The unique headrest on the Sail Basic ergonomic chair can be adjusted not only for its height but also the angle, thus providing you with the flexibility to adjust according to your height and comfort.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is another feature that is commonly found on an ergonomic chair. However, some of the lower lumbar supports are fixed and hard, making it uncomfortable for your lower back. Even if fixed lumbar support actually fits you, a person shorter or higher than you will not find it comfortable if they share the same chair as the lumbar support will not be able to support their lower back. The lumbar support on the Vision and Sail Basic ergonomic chairs is flexible, separated and that the design has been patented in countries such as the United States, China and Taiwan. The flexible lumbar support uses your own body weight and pushes it accordingly when you sit on the chair, giving you the optimal support for your lower back.

Seat Depth 

Seat depth is another important factor that needs to be considered when purchasing an ergonomic chair as an incorrect seat depth will hinder blood circulation, put pressure on your nerves and distracts you away from work as you feel uncomfortable. Most of the ergonomic chairs’ seat depth available in the market are fixed and cannot be adjusted. This will limit the chair to only a primary user if you using the ergonomic chair at home. The Vision ergonomic chair and Sail Basic ergonomic chair has an adjustable seat depth which enables you to adjust accordingly and to your comfort.

Back Support

The back support of an ergonomic chair is usually fixed and unable to adjust. A height adjustable back support, a unique feature that is found on the Sail ergonomic chairs, enables you to adjust it together with the flexible lumbar support to fit your lower back. This will also allow the chair to be shared with other people especially your family if you use the ergonomic chair at home.

Tilt Tension Adjustment

The tilt tension adjustment for most of the ergonomic chairs is found underneath the seat and one would have to reach underneath the seat to adjust it if he or she wants to increase or decrease the recline tension. This would cause inconvenience and might even hurt their back if they do it incorrectly. The tilt tension adjustment on the Vision and Sail Basic ergonomic chairs is at the side of the chairs where the height lever is located. This gives them ease when they need to adjust the tilt tension frequently.

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