Keeping Your Work Environment Ergonomically Simple

Keeping Your Work Environment Ergonomically Simple

An ergonomic workstation is not just mixing and matching bulky office furniture together. Have you seen a co-worker who stacks layers of books or boxes on their desk just to raise their monitor to eye level? Or someone who thought that balancing on an exercise ball while working at their desk helps because constant movement while working is beneficial.

An ergonomic workstation is not just piecing “ergonomic” equipment together. It can be effortless and minimal. It is about how you use the right equipment that best suits your daily needs.

Use equipment that fits your body

Whether you are using standing desks or a non-electric table, you can still create a workstation that fits your body. Let us start by going through the fundamentals of creating an ergonomic workstation.

When sitting down, ensure that your chair’s height is high enough to allow both feet to be firmly planted with your knees perpendicular to the floor. Do not slouch when you are sitting down. Sit straight, and ensure that your forearms are at 90 degrees to the table. If your chair does not have an armrest, ensure that your forearms rest on the table at 90 degrees. An ergonomic office chair has many adjustable features that ensure you are in the optimal position.

Adjust your monitor so that it is right in front of you. Your eyes should naturally be looking at the top half of the screen. This ensures that you are not straining your neck to look up or down. A monitor arm might help you achieve the proper height.

Ensure that everything you need is within reach

An ergonomic workstation does not end with just ensuring the position of your desk, chair, and monitor. You also will want to make sure that everything you need for your work is within reach without having to make repetitive bending and reaching throughout your day.

“Marie Kondo” your clutter

You would want to ensure that your desk is free of any clutter. A clean desk improves your working experience, leading to a boost in productivity.

Maintain good posture

You may have the best ergonomic workstation you can get. But if you do not maintain a good posture regularly, nothing else matters. Ensure that you are sitting up straight with knees and elbows perpendicular to the ground. You may also adopt additional ergonomic postures such as sitting with a slight recline. Adjust your workstation in a way that your body feels comfortable yet encourages proper posture.

Move often

Proper ergonomics is not sitting down the entire day. You need to move constantly. For every hour you work, you need to ensure that you stand for at least 15 to 30 minutes. A standing desk encourages that healthy habit. However, if getting a standing desk is not within your tight budget, then consider getting a sit-stand desk converter. It is an affordable alternative that sits on top of your current desk, allowing you to adjust to the required height.

The healthiest kind of ergonomic workstation allows you to freely adjust, change, and move positions whenever it is necessary. If adjusting your workstation is limited, do make sure to get up from your seat and move around your workplace.


Maintaining good ergonomics need not be complicated. The key factors to take note of is to fit your setup to your body, and not the other way round, and to move constantly. If you are looking around for ergonomic products such as adjustable study tables or ergonomic mesh chairs in Singapore, visit to find out more. We offer a wide range of excellent products that will fit your body! Remember: Keep things ergonomically simple!