Important Features Of A Good Chair

One key feature when looking for a good office chair is to see if the height of the chair can be adjusted. In a seated position, your knees should be at 90 degrees and your feet should be flat on the floor. Should the height be too high, your feet will be dangling whereas if the height is too low, your knees will be bending too much.

It is also important to get an ergonomic office chair which comes with an elbow rest. It would be even more ideal if the height of the elbow rest can be adjusted. This allows your elbows to rest at a comfortable 90 degrees when you are typing. If the elbow rest is too low, it puts a lot of strain on your wrist. An example of a good chair is seen in the video.

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The unique flexible lumbar support of the Sail Basic ergonomic chair conforms to your spine curvature when you sit on it and provides optimal support for your lower back. The Sail Basic ergonomic chair also comes with adjustable headrest that supports your neck. Check out more about our Sail Basic ergonomic chair here.

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