How To Tell Your Boss To Invest In Ergonomic Tables And Chairs

How To Tell Your Boss To Invest In Ergonomic Tables And Chairs

In a 2021 study conducted by the Singapore General Hospital on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among office workers in Singapore, it was reported that at least 70% of the 324 research participants suffered from pain in the three main regions: neck, shoulder, and lower back. This is caused by the increasing hours workers spend sitting on their office chairs that do not support good ergonomics.

Ergonomic office chairs are essential in providing essential support to one’s back, buttocks, arms, and legs while ensuring good sitting posture. Suppose you are currently experiencing such pain in your current office setup. In that case, it might be time to convince your boss that they need to invest in ergonomic tables and chairs.

First stage: Starting the discussion

It’s always important to note that when you approach your boss, especially when purchasing new office equipment, remember that their responsibility is to ensure the company, first and foremost, makes a profit. This means that they need to manage the company’s finances appropriately and find ways to maximise the staff’s productivity. By understanding this vital piece of information, you should consider it while piecing your proposal.

Your proposal should ensure your boss understands the importance of ergonomic furniture and its benefits to the company. The preferred result of the proposal should be that the boss is convinced that changing the current work setup to an ergonomic one would help the staff, which will then benefit the company.

Second stage: The convincing factor (Benefits of ergonomic furniture)

In 2019, got the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of ergonomic in corporate setups to a few companies’ employees. The most common work-related health issues experienced by many employees are MSDs such as back and neck aches, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and epicondylitis. These issues often lead to an increase in the company’s expenditure on medical payments, workers compensation, and in the worst case, legal fees. It also reduces productivity.

Employing ergonomic tables and chairs in the workplace can address 3 key factors to reduce such issues. They include reducing work-related health issues, boosting productivity, and encouraging work satisfaction.

  • Reducing work-related health issues: Ergonomic furniture helps minimise stress on your body with all the relevant features such as lumbar support, adjustable seat depth, adjustable armrest, and adjustable height. Not only does it help reduce stress on your body, but it also encourages good sitting and standing postures, thus preventing MSDs.
  • Boosting productivity: A good ergonomic table and chair has adjustable features that fit different body sizes, work habits, and activities. Well-fitted ergonomic furniture encourages you to work more comfortably over your working hours, ensuring you are in the best posture. You will less likely suffer from pains and aches, allowing you to better focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Encouraging work satisfaction: Ergonomic tables and chairs are more comfortable than non-ergonomic furniture because they are able to adapt to the activity you are doing. From sitting to standing and working to gaming, ergonomic furniture allows you to freely adjust to the settings you require for the specific activity. Knowing that these features keep you pain-free makes you more satisfied when you work.

Third stage: Justifying and calculating the cost

Your boss might still think that getting the office ergonomic furniture is an unnecessary expense on the company’s budget. At this time, you will need to redirect their opinion to one as a potential company’s investment in the long run.

The key is to convince your boss that the benefit of getting ergonomic furniture far outweighs and will more than cover the cost of getting them. Once you have listed the negativity of the current work setups, explain the positivity of a possible new setup. Explain how the current setup causes muscle aches in most employees, resulting in them taking frequent breaks to stand and walk around, leading to a drop in productivity.


Ergonomic chairs and tables can be expensive, but if you factor in the long-term benefits the company can enjoy just by increasing productivity, satisfaction, and health, you know the investment is necessary. If you are convincing your boss to get ergonomic furniture and on the hunt for an affordable yet quality option, look no further than!

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