How To Have Fun With Your Standing Desk

Does Your Standing Desk Spark Joy?

After having already spent most of your commute to work standing on your feet, why would anyone in their right mind want to spend any more of their working hours standing up? Here, we dissect how standing up while working can, in fact, be pleasurable for you.

Besides the health benefits of working with a standing desk, it is also believed that working with an ergonomic standing desk can inject vigour and energy as well as help increase productivity levels. Beyond just incorporating a simple change in behaviour to your daily working style, we explore the many ways you can further embellish your standing desk in order to maximise its potential value and achieve ultimate satisfaction.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

The anti-fatigue mat is an understated yet often overlooked accessory to the standing desk. It is useful in reducing strain and discomfort on your foot and lower limbs since they support your whole body throughout the time that you are standing.  Anti-fatigue mats are made to be softer than the hard concrete floors and work to provide a cushioning effect that helps to alleviate the pain felt from your sore feet.

Sit-Stand Stool

Stay active even while seated. The addition of a sit-stand stool also called a wobble stool may be the ideal furniture if you want to ensure active movement throughout the day. It is well-known that leading a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to your well-being. This is where the sit-stand stool comes in as it creates a dynamic and ergonomic sitting concept where movement comes naturally to the user. The chair allows for a rocking motion that helps to promote better posture and maintain high energy levels throughout the day.

Balance Board

After standing for some time, it is inevitable that you will start to fidget as your body is not meant to stay still for extended periods of time. By pairing your standing desk with a balance board, you are allowing your body to perform micro movements which are beneficial to your overall health. The use of a balance board engages different muscles that you don’t typically use if you were to simply just stand up or sit down. As such, the balance board is a very clever way for you to incorporate modest amounts of exercise into your work, proving to be a true multitasker.

Foam Rollers

After standing for long periods of time, some may experience tightness in the leg muscles. To combat this issue, a foam roller is a great accessory to complement your standing desk. A foam roller is essentially a cylindrical tube which aids in stretching and loosening your leg muscles after a full day of use. A trigger point foam roller is one where it has a textured design. These are effective in relieving sensitive aches and pains while providing your feet with a quick and easy massage.

Under-Desk Treadmill

Regardless of whether you are a novice looking into developing a healthier lifestyle habit or a self-proclaimed health and exercise junkie, the addition of an under-desk treadmill would be a fun and productive addition to the ergonomic work station. Micro-movements provided as a natural extension to the standing desk can be further enhanced by placing a treadmill under your desk and walking on it at a low but constant speed. Besides the obvious health benefits, studies have shown that being on a treadmill while working increases productivity and work satisfaction ratings.


A standing desk is not meant to be a single or solitary ergonomic furnishing. Its effectiveness is increased when it is paired with other ergonomic accessories which enhances your daily ergonomic experience. A simple modification in your daily habits can bring about immense benefits to the overall health that can only be felt over time. Our best advice is to choose a suitable accessory which is compatible with your standing desk, ensuring that it sparks joy for you!

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