Simple Ergonomic Chair

Simple Ergonomic Chair

Simple Ergonomic Chair

Having a range of airy and breezy ventilated ergonomic chairs collection to compare, we will probably rank the Simple ergonomic chair in the middle of the pack. We really want to come up with an affordable ventilated ergonomic chair that is below 400 dollars and the Simple Office Chair did just that. Besides being fully ventilated, the Simple ergonomic chair has all the features available in a top graded chair.

These features include seat depth adjustment, 4 direction adjustable armrests, and adjustable lumbar support. You can remove the lumbar support if you don’t feel good with it but we suggest to have it there as it really is bitter medicine to swallow. Sitting in an ergonomic position is not something really comfortable hence it will take some time for you to get used to it.

The most important feature of a ventilated ergonomic chair would be the mesh durability. Our factory which specialises in ventilated office chair has produced a wide range of ventilated office chair over the years. As the mesh seat has to hold your full body weight, it is critical that it is made of quality material which can last. There are many factories that plan to sell ventilated office chair at a low price and would be produced using a lower grade quality which would not last long. In fact, the edge of the mesh will often tear and break within a year of usage.

For a top grade ventilated office chair, it usually cost above 600 dollars. Hence for a price of 359 dollars, the Simple Office Chair offers you both the price and its quality. The only downside of the Simple Office Chair is that it is too thin at the upper back section. Thus when rocking backwards, the upper section tends to flex slightly more which is a bit too much for me.

Check out our featured Simple Ergonomic Chair here and find out more about why you should get an ergonomic chair.

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