Extra Features To Look Out For In A Chair

A feature that is not very common amongst office chairs is the flexibility in allowing the chair seat to move forward or backward. This allows users to adjust according to their size in order to provide adequate lumbar curvature support at the chair backing.

As everyone comes in different shapes, sizes and heights, it is important to get an ergonomic office chair which comes with as many adjustable features as possible to tailor to the natural curvature of the spine. Most chairs on the market only allow the height to be adjusted, or at best allow the armrest to be adjusted. An example of a good office chair which has multiple adjustable features is seen in the video. The Sail Basic ergonomic chair has adjustable neck support and chair seat to best suit the user’s height and size.

Featured product: Sail Basic Ergonomic Chair

The Sail Basic ergonomic office chair headrest can be adjusted in height and angle to provide optimal support for your neck while the seat can be adjusted in height and depth to suit the user’s body profile. Check out more about our Sail Basic ergonomic chair here.

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