Everything About Active Sitting & Why You Must Try It

Everything About Active Sitting & Why You Must Try It

One of the recommended ergonomic habits to adopt is to adjust the way we work at our desks. The most common issue with prolonged working at our desk is long hours spent sitting.

Hence, perhaps the most straightforward recommendation to change the way we work is to get a standing desk. If you are looking for some of the best standing desks in Singapore, then look no further than TakeAseat.

While switching between a sitting and standing position will help with your posture, it does not necessarily benefit the sedentary lifestyle that we might adopt with an office job. Alternatively, there are some that invest in what we call an under-desk treadmill that helps you get some degree of motion while working.

However, no one wants to deal with sweating while working. Fortunately, there is a middle ground, and that is called active sitting.

What is active sitting?

Active sitting is a way of sitting that engages your core muscles constantly as compared to sitting in a typical office chair. Your core muscles include your chest, abdominal, sides, and back muscles, all of which work together to ensure that your posture is correct.

Whether you are using an ergonomic chair or not, your core muscles are not activated when seated. Prolonged periods of sedentary sitting can cause your core muscles to atrophy. Your organs, except your pancreas, will slow down since your body does not need to function much in a resting state, contributing to obesity and various conditions like diabetes.

Active sitting activates your core muscles, which are typical in walking and standing motions. When you are walking or standing, they are constantly in motion to keep you upright and balanced.

How does active sitting work?

The answer to that is you need a special chair. In particular, you need an ergonomic stool, such as our WOBBLE sit-stand stool and LIFT sit-stand chair. If you looked at them and thought to yourself, “That seems uncomfortable”, you are probably right in a certain manner.

The point of those chairs is that they are designed to offer slight discomfort. By not allowing you to relax and slouch, the chairs are designed to put your body in constant micro-adjustments. Your core muscles are constantly engaged to keep you in balance and ensure you are in a proper posture.

Active sitting is also ideal for individuals with lots of energy, tics, or ADHD that might disrupt and distract them from concentrating on their tasks. When you find yourself having to balance on a wobbling stool, you have to maintain slight concentration to keep yourself balanced. Hence, the name active sitting. That adjusting of balance will happen in your brain subconsciously.

Benefits of active sitting

Active sitting offers a wide range of advantages, such as:

  • Promoting core muscle strength: It is not a dedicated replacement for core exercises. However, it prevents your body from being in a sedentary position for an extended time.
  • Promoting a healthy spine: Keeping your body in constant motion helps to keep your spinal fluid circulating, allowing necessary nutrients to reach where it needs to and minimising the risk of developing hernias and compression injuries.
  • Improving posture: It “forces” your body to adjust its position to a more comfortable position and posture.
  • Burning calories: While the amount of calories you burn will not be significant, every little bit counts as compared to just sitting plainly.

You can even further your calorie burns with basic exercises on the stool, such as:

  • Leg lettering: Lift one leg up and draw the alphabet, putting it down and repeating with the other leg.
  • Knee lifts: Lift and stretch one leg such that your knees touch your chest. Hold that position for a couple of seconds and then let it back down, repeating with the other leg.

You might also want to consider using anti-fatigue mats together with the ergonomic stool for increased ergonomic benefits.


At the end of the day, ergonomics is a wide topic and is not limited to just ergonomic chairs and tables. There are many other ergonomic products out there, from ergonomic stools to ergonomic bags and keyboards, that help to improve not only your posture but also boost your productivity, comfort, and concentration.

Here at TakeAseat, we offer a wide range of ergonomic products. We recommend that you head down to our furniture shop at Woodlands if you live in the North and West regions of Singapore or our Ubi furniture shop if you live in the East or South region of Singapore to test out our products for yourself. Do not hesitate to improve your work life. Visit us to find out more!