Combi Posture Corrector Chair

Posture Corrector Chair D2

The Combi Posture Corrector Chair is ergonomically designed to correct your sitting posture and allows you to maintain good sitting habits over an extended duration of time. The Combi Chair consists of a polyester-coated Poly-Urethana sponge foam cushion made using 3D mold heating technology as well as a plastic resin chair body. When seated, the backrest naturally pushes the lumbar vertebrae forward by the leverage effect, thus ensuring that you always maintain the correct sitting posture. Pushing the tailbone upwardly helps disperses the pressure on the spine and joints.

The backrest and seeding parts are made of high density sponge so it is soft and comfortable to sit on. The chair cushion is also designed with an air hallway system which allows proper circulation of the body temperature and sweat to minimize discomfort from prolonged sitting. The chair is made of a very flexible but durable material, and can support up to 350 kilograms in weight. It is also compatible with most seating items such as floors, sofas and office chairs.

Posture Corrector Chair D2

Correct your posture, creating a healthier back with our Combi posture corrector chair! The Combi posture corrector chair helps correct postures and maintain good sitting habits. Sitting on this chair will prevent you from slouching and keep you sitting straight. This posture corrector chair is ergonomically designed to correct your posture during sitting and it has powerful grooves that prevent the shape from deformation over time.

  • Made in South Korea
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful groves that prevents shape deformation
  • 3 protruding spinal column support

Check out our Combi posture corrector chair here.

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