Chaos To Clarity: Your Desk Layout Affects Your Health

Chaos To Clarity: Your Desk Layout Affects Your Health

When discussing ergonomics, many easily assume two main elements: the desk and chair. And they are not entirely wrong about it! If you are constantly experiencing pains and aches while working or studying at your desk, chances are the chair and desk you are working with are not ergonomically right.

However, ergonomics is more than switching up your chair and desk. There are many elements when observing healthy ergonomic setups, from using dual monitors and monitor arms to using ergonomic mice and keyboards. However, even with the best and most ergonomically sound tools, it is not enough if you do not observe your desk layout.

In this article, we will explore how a well-designed desk layout can impact your ability to maintain good ergonomics, stay organised, and remain focused throughout your day.

Considerations for an ergonomic desk layout

An ergonomic desk layout is vital in ensuring that you minimise unnecessary body strains by maintaining the ideal posture throughout your day. When at the desk, ensure that your feet remain flat on the ground, knees are perpendicular to the ground, and thighs are parallel to the ground. You should also be seated straight with your shoulders in a relaxed posture. You should not be slouching.

If you need to adjust the height of the chair to accommodate such postures, resulting in not being able to reach the ground, then consider getting a footrest.

In order to minimise any over-stretching and straining of your body, your items should be placed closer to your body. Hence, your mouse and keyboard should be positioned as close to the desk edge as possible. Your monitor should be at most an arm’s length away from your eyes, with the centre of the screen at eye level.

Some things you might want to consider getting for your desk are a wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse, an under-desk keyboard tray, or monitor arms to help achieve the right postures.

Productivity-boosting desk layout strategies

The first step to achieving a productive working or studying environment is by decluttering your desk. An organised and clean desk reduces visual distraction, allowing you to locate key items efficiently. Hence, increasing your storage by getting shelves, drawers, or desk organisers can help you free your desk from clutter.

You can also maximise productivity and efficiency by organising your desk according to various tools and tasks. Arrange your desk in such a manner that places more used items near you and less used items away from you but still within reach.

Remember that a well-designed desk layout is not only visually appealing but also vital in creating a work or study environment that helps you stay in the zone, be productive, and observe healthy ergonomic habits at the same time.

Recommended desk layout for different work styles

Your desk layout can vary depending on your work requirements and style. At the minimal level, individuals spending prolonged hours in front of the computer must observe the basic ergonomic setup, which includes proper desk and chair height, proper body alignment, and proper monitor height.

If you deal with a lot of drawing or designing, then having a spacious and minimal desk layout is beneficial. Ensure that you have sufficient space for using a graphic tablet or for drawing and sketching. Adequate lighting is vital, too, and it is also a crucial ergonomic element.

If you are someone who takes frequent breaks or likes moving around while studying or working, consider investing in a sit-stand desk. TakeAseat has some of the best standing desks in Singapore.

Do note that these recommended desk layouts are not the only solution for your work style. Experiment with various layouts to discover the one that best fits your personal style.


The whole basis of ergonomic principles is to minimise unnecessary pressure and strain on your body, reducing the risk of developing musculoskeletal issues. Hence, optimising your desk layout and organising it in such a way that not only is visually appealing but also serves ergonomic benefits is vital whether you are playing, working, or studying.

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