Anti-Fatigue Mats: Why They Are Necessary For Sit-Stand Desk

Anti-Fatigue Mats: Why They Are Necessary For Sit-Stand Desk

The use of ergonomic products has provided health benefits for users. When mentioned, many often associate such products with sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs. One vital product many might not be familiar with, but which offers immense benefits, is anti-fatigue mats.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about these vital accessories and how they will benefit you.

What are anti-fatigue mats?

Anti-fatigue mats are floor mats that are designed to reduce physical impacts on your body, relieve fatigue, and boost blood circulation. When standing for prolonged periods, your muscles will tense to counterbalance gravity, keeping you upright. This results in a reduction in blood flow, making your joints and muscles ache. Over time, the stress on the affected joints and muscles will build up, causing physical fatigue and health impacts.

How do anti-fatigue mats function?

The anti-fatigue mat does not magically remove every pain point the user might experience from prolonged standing. However, they reduce the impacts on various parts of the body significantly, especially the hips, knees, legs, and feet.

They function by encouraging circulation around the body, which occurs by creating frequent micro-movements. Not only does the soft mat increase comfort on your back and knees, but it creates a slight instability that encourages the activation of your leg muscles. This activation results in an even distribution of pressure across both legs, giving you a better standing posture.

In addition, the frequent micro-movements also help to reduce tension in your neck and shoulders, relieving any backaches and headaches. The frequent micro-movements also mean that your venous pumps are constantly active, ensuring that your blood circulation is smooth rather than pooling at the lower limbs.

Do anti-fatigue mats really work?

Anti-fatigue mats have been found to reduce company absenteeism and increase productivity and morale. Employees who use anti-fatigue mats were found to experience a reduction in discomfort and fatigue by 50 per cent. Many assume that fatigue develops when we have not had sufficient rest or when we have been active the whole day. However, simply standing in the same position for prolonged periods can result in fatigue and severe health consequences.

Standing on anti-fatigue mats as compared to the bare floor has been shown to reduce lower back discomfort by 37%, upper leg discomfort by 74%, lower leg discomfort by 80%, and improved thermal comfort by 60%.

How long do anti-fatigue mats last?

The lifespan of anti-fatigue mats depends on several factors, such as:

  • How frequently it is being utilised
  • The material of the mat
  • Did you spill anything on its surface?
  • Is the mat being used in a damp or dry environment?

How thick should anti-fatigue mats be?

While you may assume that thicker mats mean better, it is not necessarily the case despite them being designed to be soft for slight instability. Too soft means not having enough stability for you to use them safely.


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