Adopting Good Ergonomics Can Help You Avoid Gamer’s Disease

Adopting Good Ergonomics Can Help You Avoid Gamer’s Disease

It is estimated in 2020 that, 3.8 million Singaporeans game daily. Studies have shown that gaming brings cognitive benefits such as increased concentration and focus. However, it has also brought about many sedentary illnesses, which we have termed collectively as Gamers’ Disease. Here are some of the common problems that are part of this Gamer’s Disease.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: Many gamers have reported to be suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is the inflammation of the nerves in the wrist, resulting in numbness and pain.

Gamer’s Thumb: Gamer’s Thumb is the inflammation of the tendon that affects the mobility of the thumb. Gamers who often games on consoles are more receptible to experience this issue.

Obesity: One of the most common problems caused by long hours of gaming. This is often the result of long hours of being sedentary and munching on fast food.

Poor eyesight: Long hours of gaming and staring at the screen can lead to immense straining of our eyes. Many gamers suffer from problems with their vision, which often results in migraines and discomfort.

Adopting simple yet essential ergonomic practices is one way to prevent Gamer’s Disease. Ergonomic is defined as a scientific study that enables the adjustment of one’s environment to fit the body perfectly. Hence instead of using a one-size-fits-all tech solution for your gaming needs, it is finding the best-suited tools that can be adjusted to our needs. Here are some ergonomic solutions and principles that gamers can adopt to avoid Gamer’s Disease.

Solution #1: Sit and stand regularly

The majority of gamers remain seated in front of their screen for hours. The first and most essential step to avoiding Gamer’s Disease is to stand up and move around constantly. If you are not using a standing desk, then just standing and moving about helps. However, if you do get the opportunity to use a standing desk, you should alternate between standing and sitting while enjoying uninterrupted gaming.

Solution #2: Use ergonomic mouse and keyboard wrist rest set

The way traditional mouse and keyboards does not encourage our wrist to be in their natural position. The constant and repetitive twisting and stretching of our wrists cause injuries such as Gamer’s Thumb and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. One way to avoid such issues is to use an ergonomic mouse and keyboard wrist rest set, which are designed to reduce the stress placed on our wrist by providing a cushioned support to the wrist.

Solution #3: Use ergonomic mesh chairs

Nothing beats sitting on an ergonomic mesh chair if you want to optimise your gaming experience. With an ergonomic mesh chair, you can enjoy gaming while adopting excellent posture. Furthermore, the mesh material encourages good airflow at your back, so you will not feel hot and stuffy while playing for long hours.

Solution #4: Invest in a monitor arm

For those who game on the computer, it is vital to note that one of the factors of good ergonomics is having the screen at eye level. A monitor arm not only allows you to adjust the height of your screen freely but also frees up space on your gaming station. This is beneficial to gamers who play for prolonged hours but also seeks aesthetics in their gaming station.


Most of us enjoy a game or two, but not at the expense of our health. It is vital to note that gaming and health can go together, and it all starts from choosing the proper gaming setup by doing an ergo self-test. If you are looking to improve your gaming experience without breaking the bank yet exudes quality, then check out some of the products we offer at We offer a wide range of products from ergonomic keyboards to sit-stand desk converters and standing desks. It is time to take charge of your health and gaming needs today!