5 Unique Solutions To Improve Ergonomics For Your Backs

5 Unique Solutions To Improve Ergonomics For Your Backs

In today’s digital world, people usually spend more than 10 hours a day in front of a screen – often switching between a computer, Television, smartphone, or tablet – catching up on personal time and professional lives. Screen time may increase if you work at a computer during the day, which the majority of the people do. Sitting at a desk all day eventually leads to pain or discomfort in your neck and back.

Poor posture is caused by habits from daily activities such as sitting for long periods or staring at the computer. This often causes and aggravates episodes of back and neck pain which damages spinal structures. Fortunately, the main factors that affect posture and ergonomics are completely within one’s ability to control. Read on to know the 5 unique solutions to improve ergonomics for your back.

1. Electric Standing Desk

A raised desk allows you to work while standing, and since standing uses your core muscles compared to sitting, it leads to a proper stance and spinal form. To help manage chronic back pain, it’s also good to switch between standing and sitting. If you choose to use a standing desk, here are some tips that you may follow:

You have to make sure that your standing desk is raised to a height from which you can work comfortably. Plus, your arms should be able to bend at a 90-degree angle while using the computer, and you should be able to look straight ahead at your monitor without having to tilt your neck down. Placing a thick mat underneath help keep things gentle for your feet and knees. You might also consider using a pedestal or footstool so you can occasionally shift your weight.

2. Sit Stand Desk Converter

An alternative to getting a standing desk, a sit stand desk converter is a much affordable option. It is a height-adjustable desk that can be placed on your current work set up. Without having to spend extra money to change your existing workstation, it allows users the opportunity to stretch their back by standing up to work, all by a lift of the lifting system.

3. Monitor arm

Another great way to improve ergonomics without investing in a new table is the use of a monitor arm, or if you have two monitors, dual monitor arms. By using a monitor arm, you can easily adjust your screen to your eye level, which not only eliminates computer eye strain but also straining of back due to maintaining a hunch position to view the screen.

Other than that, it is just an innovative way to declutter and optimise the space on the table.

4. Combi posture corrector chair

The most common source of back aches and pain is poor sitting posture. Many are either slouching too much, or leaning backwards. With a combi posture corrector chair, you can easily have your posture sorted out. All you need to do is just put that on your existing chair, and it keeps you from slouching and puts you in a straight position.

5. Ergonomic office chair

Like an electric standing desk, it is always a good investment when you are considering switching out your current office chair for an ergonomic one. Ergonomic office chairs are designed specifically to optimise comfort while promoting good ergonomic posture the entire day. Some brands offer vast versatility in its function, from allowing you to adjust the height of your lumbar support to full range mobility of your arm rests. If you are getting an ergonomic mesh chair, you even get added comfort from the mesh material that promotes optimal breathability. While they are not as cheap as some of the alternate solutions listed in this article, the return of your investment outweighs the cost of your health.


Back pain comes from poor posture, in which your sitting chair or sitting position takes a huge role. The list above contains some of the best solutions that can alleviate your back pain issues, so feel free to try out any of them. Also, keep in mind that no matter what chair you choose, one of the best ways to keep your back healthy is to take breaks several times.

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