5 Must-Have Hot Desk Ergonomic Elements For A Happier Office

5 Must-Have Hot Desk Ergonomic Elements For A Happier Office

Hot desking is one of the crucial trends in the corporate world globally, especially since the recent pandemic. In the corporate world, every element that offers a competitive edge counts.

With many companies opting to remain in hybrid mode where their employees go to the office for one to two days while the rest of the time is spent working remotely, hot desking is an efficient method for companies to maximise their working space while reducing real estate expenses.

By supporting a flexible working arrangement in the office, less working space is needed, and companies can better allocate their resources to improve other aspects of their working environment.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a type of office organisation system that consists of multiple employees sharing a single physical work surface or station during different periods. Hot desking is used to save space but still maximises productivity.

Basically, company employees do not have a fixed allocated desk to work at, but rather they are free to use it whenever and wherever. However, to ensure that hot desking remains efficient, each desk requires basic equipment, such as ergonomic chairs and wireless charging pads, so that moving from desk to desk would not pose any unnecessary challenge.

When planned correctly, hot desking offers tons of benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility: Studies have shown that 78 per cent of employees find that hot desking arrangements boost their productivity and satisfaction at work.
  • Reduced unused space: Your company can minimise unused space in the office and replace it with other things, such as rest areas or pantries.
  • Facilitate collaboration: When teams have the space to work together, productivity increases at the same time.

5 must-have hot desk ergonomic elements

So, what must you have in order to develop a successful hot desking environment? First, you need to consider the hardware that will remain on the desk, such as:

  • Monitors
  • Mouse
  • Docking stations
  • Keyboards
  • Charging ports
  • Power strips

Along with these fundamental essentials that should remain on every desk, your company should also provide equipment and furnishings that will help streamline and support hot desking activities. Here are the five must-have ergonomic elements for your hot desking activities.

1. Adjustable work/study tables

Adjustable work/study tables that allow your employees to switch from sitting to standing can help to promote an ergonomically healthy working environment. Sitting for a prolonged period is one of the vital factors of work-related back pains and aches. Hence, getting a desk with sit-stand capabilities can help your employees take micro-breaks which can help to boost healthy ergonomics.

2. Ergonomic set-up options

Your company can promote ergonomic comfort and wellness for your employees when you provide ergonomic equipment. Utilising ergonomic equipment can help your employees customise their workstations for a more comfortable time.

Such ergonomic equipment is:

  • Backrests
  • Seat cushions
  • Keyboard drawers
  • Ergonomic mice
  • Footrests
  • Wrist rests
  • Laptop risers
  • Monitor arms

3. Cosy ergonomic chairs

It is vital to get adjustable and comfortable chairs when furnishing your office for hot desking activities and investing in office furniture that promotes comfort and wellness so that your employees are able to be productive while reducing unnecessary time wasted on recovering from fatigue and injury.

Ergonomic chairs also ensure that your employees work with healthy postures, staying healthy and happy throughout the day. Hence, make sure that you get chairs that provide adequate height-adjustable features and lumbar support.

4. Storage features, such as cabinets

A clean table is ergonomically friendly as your employees do not need to stretch too much to reach what they need. Ensuring that there are adequate storage features around the desk, such as cabinets, allows your employees to keep stuff that they do not need in them, freeing up desk space.

Alternatively, you can also install a centralised storage feature for employees who do not wish to carry around unnecessary belongings when shifting from desk to desk.

5. Sanitisation station

This is not an ergonomic feature but a key element for hot desking activities. Ensuring that there is a sanitisation station around the hot desking space allow your employees to sanitise and clean their desk before and after every use.


Incorporating hot desking into your office strategy is more than just getting office desks and chairs. It involves acquiring the proper tech and ergonomically friendly accessories. Once these fundamentals are achieved, employees can shift from desk to desk freely and comfortably.

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