5 Ergonomic Values & How They Can Benefit Your Company

5 Ergonomic Values & How They Can Benefit Your Company

As increasing focus is placed on employee health and wellbeing, more companies are considering the value of workplace ergonomics. Though the upfront costs may initially appear excessive, the role ergonomics plays in the long-term success of an organisation is significant, and its benefits far outweigh its costs.

Read on to discover more about workplace ergonomics and its importance.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a branch of science that studies the interactions among humans and other elements of a system. Workplace ergonomics ensure that employees and the workplace can function together healthily and safely.

An ergonomic workplace supports the employees’ movements and wellbeing.

Some ways of improving workplace ergonomics include:

  • Investing in ergonomic office chairs that allow employees to adopt healthier postures while sitting, thus reducing back and neck pain.
  • Investing in height-adjustable desks that allow employees to work at the most suitable height.
  • Adjusting the lighting to prevent eyes from straining.
  • Identifying sources of stress at work and working to minimise them.

Cost savings

Poor ergonomic practices cause employees to spend prolonged periods in awkward and uncomfortable positions, which is often the cause of workplace injuries, including musculoskeletal disorders. The indirect costs of these injuries outweigh the direct costs: reduced productivity and increased absenteeism resulting from illness and injuries cost the business a significant amount of money.

With better ergonomics, you can control the factors leading to injuries and illnesses, thus lowering the costs of lost workdays and workers’ compensation.

Increases productivity

Employees’ performances are compromised when they spend the day stressed or in discomfort.

On the other hand, good ergonomics promotes better posture, less exertion, and fewer movements. When employees can work in comfortable positions which do not strain their muscles, their efficiency increases.

Improves quality of work

Regardless of what products or services your business sells, your offerings must be high quality. Hence, you want all the employees’ attention to be on their work.

Good ergonomic practices do not just improve an employee’s wellbeing, but also affect their work. Employees who are supported physically can spend more time focusing on their work, thus leading to higher-quality performances.

If ergonomics are poor, employees are more likely to become tired and frustrated and may therefore be distracted from their work.

Improves employee engagement

Fatigue and physical strain eventually take a toll on employees. After some time, poor ergonomics may lead to back and neck aches that hinder employees’ ability to remain involved and may increase absenteeism.

Thus, it is essential for there to be good ergonomics so that employees do not feel like work is a chore. By reducing discomfort and fatigue, you can boost employee morale and encourage them to go the extra mile on the job. 

Promotes the importance of health and safety

Every company should create and foster a culture prioritising safety and health as core values. After all, healthy and happy employees are valuable assets for any company, as they are more likely to perform well.

Employees are more likely to stay loyal to companies that value them; demonstrating a commitment to safety and health is thus a way to increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover. A positive culture may even attract new talent to the company. 


Improving workplace ergonomics allows businesses to achieve their goals as it reduces costs, increases productivity, and improves the quality of work. Hence, employers can create a successful and profitable business by incorporating good ergonomic practices.

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