5 Benefits Of Dual Electric Motor Sit-Stand Desk

As modern office drones, it is inevitable that you will spend a good majority of the day being sedentary in your workstations and offices. How does all this sitting around affect your body and health? What impact does this have on the output of your work performance and quality?

We put your questions to rest as we share with you 5 simple reasons why you should consider investing in a dual electric motor sit-stand desk, which seeks to promote overall health without interrupting your office workflow process:

Forget What Pain Feels Like

According to a study by Stanford University, office workers who utilised the sit-stand desk were 78% more likely to report no occurrences of back pains and significantly lowered neck pains. In addition to this, a study by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a relationship between reduction in prolonged sitting and improved mood states, effectively neutralising the stress felt at work. The ergonomics of using a sit-stand desk means that you will start to adopt a better posture, which aids in reducing excessive strain and stress in your upper back and neck areas, effectively getting rid of the pain after constant usage.

Reduce The Risk Of Various Health Conditions

Prolonged sitting times have been associated with several chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. On the other hand, taking equal turns to sit and stand has actually been correlated with lowered health risks in relation to waist circumference, body mass index (BMI) and even reducing plasma glucose levels. Conscientious usage of the sit-stand desk would mean that you will get to spend more time in the day standing up, and it is the joint and muscle movements required to transition from one position to another which is beneficial to you, on top of the higher amount of calories burnt throughout the day since standing up has been known to burn 87 more calories per hour, helping you to maintain your optimal body size. 

Avoid The Development Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is not uncommon that for many office workers, the only exercise we manage to incorporate into our daily routine will be “keyboarding” as our fingers are constantly tapping on the keyboards at work. Due to repetitive bending and extension of the wrist from continuous typing or mouse-holding, the median nerve in the wrist may suffer from compression resulting in chronic pain, numbness or tingling of the hand. Therefore, it is advisable to adopt the proper posture by optimally adjusting the height of your sit-stand desk in an ergonomic manner, minimising strain to any particular body part.

Increase Productivity

Too much sitting, although not necessarily dangerous, has been shown to make employees feel tired and unmotivated. The act of simply changing your position from sitting to standing, while integrating a more ergonomic-friendly approach to working, has been reported to improve energy level and lighten your mood, effectively improving your productivity in the office. A happy and healthy worker makes for a more delightful and effective workplace.

A Practical Way To Keep Everything Within Reach

Allowing the entire sit-stand desk to be adjustable ensures that your work essentials are kept within easy reach as you lead a pathway of change to leading a more ergonomic-friendly lifestyle. With a dual electric motor, the adjustment between heights would be faster and smoother. This would mean that you do not have to exert additional stress and strain on your body when you need to stretch in order to grab that mugful boost of caffeine to keep you going as you are standing next to your sit-stand desk.

Have we convinced you of the benefits of setting up your own sit-stand desk?

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