4 Products That Can Help Increase Productivity & Ergonomics

4 Products That Can Help Increase Productivity & Ergonomics

Have you ever considered the fact that some of the products you are using for work could be doing you harm instead? One of the most common mistakes that many offices and individuals make when setting up their workstations is poor ergonomics and messy desks. A messy and cluttered desk contributes to poor posture and low productivity.

If you have not considered assessing the layout of your desk, it is time to do so today. In this article, we will introduce to you four products TakeAseat offers that you can consider getting to improve ergonomics and boost productivity.

1. Desk Riser

Creating an additional platform big enough for two monitor screens, the desk riser that TakeAseat offers, allow users to free up space on their desk while providing aesthetic purposes. With featured and subtle storage spaces in the middle for small items like loose pieces of paper and stationaries, desk risers are created to also encourage better ergonomic.

2. Monitor Arm

Not only does using a monitor arm helps you maintain good working posture, but it also frees up desk space. This is especially useful for those who do not have the luxury of a big table and often face the issue of space. We offer a comprehensive range of monitor arms depending on your budget, from single to dual arms. Monitor arms are highly recommended if you want to optimise proper ergonomics as they are height-adjustable, which means you can easily adjust them to your eye level. Some even come with a cable management system that tidies your workstation.

3. Laptop Tray

Many of us work with our laptops. However, unlike monitors, laptops do not promote proper ergonomic posture. When we place our laptop on our desk, we often find ourselves having to look down towards the screen. This puts a lot of strain on our neck. Laptop stands and tray promotes a raised solution to bring the laptop to an ergonomically friendly height. TakeAseat offers a variety of portable laptop stands. If you own a monitor arm, especially one that comes with a dual arm system, we also offer a laptop tray attachment that can be mounted onto the monitor arm.

4. Sit-Stand Desk Converter

This is an economical alternative to using a standing desk or a monitor arm. With a height-adjustable system, you can raise the sit-stand desk converter to the required height. Our sit-stand desk converter is large and robust enough to fit a monitor and a keyboard. This product is another ideal example of a product that saves space and encourage ergonomics.


It is without a doubt that we spend most of our days at our workstations. We need to ensure that the products we use are not detrimental to our health. Of course, at the end of the day, investing in either a standing desk or an ergonomic office chair helps with fostering excellent ergonomic habits. However, it can be expensive, and these are just some products you can consider without worrying about breaking the bank and making extreme changes to your current setup.

TakeAseat offers some of the best ergonomic products in Singapore. Visit us at our physical shop or at https://www.takeaseat.sg/ to take charge of your productivity and ergonomics today!