3 Reasons Why Fitness Balls Are Not Ideal Chair Replacements

3 Reasons Why Fitness Balls Are Not Ideal Chair Replacements

Fitness balls are fun to use, colourful, and affordable. They are supposedly ideal for toning up your core muscles just by sitting on them. As such, we see many people swap their office chairs for them, whether they are working or studying.

While we strongly believe that active sitting should be practised and incorporated into your working or studying routine, fitness balls are a particular trend we are not so keen to support, especially if you are replacing your office chairs.

Not to be mistaken, they are not great fitness tools for strengthening your core muscles. They are! However, there are significant differences between a dedicated core exercise and all-day use. Here are three reasons why fitness balls are not ideal chair replacements.

Reason #1: Muscle fatigue

A fitness ball is definitely an effective piece of fitness equipment because it constantly activates your core muscles to keep you balanced due to its unstable surface. While it is ideal for short periods of time, most people, unfortunately, do not have the stamina to maintain the activation of their core muscles for an entire day.

Most people who swap their office chairs for fitness balls compensate for muscle fatigue by tucking their feet under them to boost stability, which defeats the primary purpose of using them at the end of the day.

Reason #2: Inadequate support

Studies have revealed that prolonged use of fitness balls does not significantly boost spine stability, spine loads, spine posture, and muscle activation. In fact, it actually boosts discomfort due to inadequate support of the thighs and buttocks.

Reason #3: Does not meet DSE regulations

Fitness balls do not meet Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations. They demand an adjustable, ergonomic chair with adequate lumbar support. The thing is that most workplaces and homes still utilise a fixed-height table.

Using a fitness ball provides little height support for you to adopt good ergonomic postures. Additionally, getting on and off the fitness ball also increases your risk of instability.

Ideal alternatives

The idea behind fitness balls as chair replacements is great. Active sitting is beneficial for overall fitness and health. It is also great for productivity, mental health, and concentration – all of which are crucial whether you are studying or working.

However, as beneficial they are supposed to be, they do not offer the best lumbar support. Hence, the best alternative is still to invest in an ergonomic chair. No matter your budget, TakeAseat offers some of the best ranges of adjustable office chairs, all of which are incredibly comfortable, well-supported, and comes with lots of adjustable features.


Fitness balls are great exercise tools. However, they do not make good working or studying chairs, especially if you are going to be using them for prolonged periods. They do not have adequate support, causing your muscles to get tired quickly, which results in poor sitting postures and habits.

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