2 Methods You Can Observe To Improve A Forward Head Posture

2 Methods You Can Observe To Improve A Forward Head Posture

The term “text neck” was first used by a US chiropractor. It refers to the forward head posture that involves the head sticking in front of the shoulders rather than resting directly on top of them.

In fact, it is a common ergonomic condition among people today, as everybody spends prolonged periods looking down at their mobile devices or slouching at their desk to look at their computer monitor. This posture can result in the straining of neck muscles and putting unnecessary pressure on your cervical spine, leading to a compromise in breathing as well as the development of arm pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Fortunately, it is not a permanent condition and can be corrected easily over time. All you need to do is observe these two methods listed below, turning them into beneficial habits.

1. Begin each morning with chest stretches and chin tucks

A simple and quick chin tuck exercise can help to strengthen your upper thoracic extensors, which are the muscles holding your head over your shoulders. Chin tucks are one of the most straightforward exercises to help keep your head aligned with your spine.

All you need to do is stand against the wall with your upper back completely rested and your feet shoulder-width apart. Facing forward, tuck your chin downwards, then lean your head completely onto the wall. You will feel a stretch on your neck. Hold that position for about five seconds before relaxing. Repeat the process about ten times.

Tight chest muscles can also lead to you adopting a forward head posture. By stretching out your pectoralis minor and major, your head and shoulders will have an easier time staying pulled back and in the right posture.

All you need to do is stand at any doorway or a corner in your house, placing your forearms against the walls with your elbows slightly below your shoulder level. Then lean forward until you experience a slight stretch in your chest right below your collarbone. Hold that position for about a minute before relaxing. Repeat the process about three times.

Beginning each morning with these two simple stretches is a simple investment that can bring lots of benefits to your posture.

2. Set up your work or study space ergonomically

One of the most significant causes of a forward head posture is poor posture, also known as slouching. It is easier than you think to slouch forward, especially when you experience a stiff neck, hunching your head as you spend prolonged periods at your desk. Set up your work or study space ergonomically.

Sit in a neutral and relaxed position, ensuring that your ears are always above your shoulders. Avoid tilting your head for prolonged periods. When using your computer, ensure that you are always looking ahead and not downwards. Your eyes should be looking at the top third of your monitor.

Your feet should be flat on the ground at all times to minimise any unnecessary stress on your spine and hips. Your knees and hips should be at the same level. If you cannot reach the ground comfortably, use a footrest.

Your arms should rest comfortably at your side while keeping your elbows at around 75 to 90 degrees. Always keep your shoulders back and relaxed, and your wrist aligned with your arms, not tilted or bent.

The right ergonomic setup will help you maintain the right posture comfortably. Investing in an ergonomic chair and table can help you achieve the right ergonomics. However, more than buying the right ergonomic setup, learning to take a quick break once every hour will help to maximise the benefits of having a healthy posture.


A forward head posture is not one that can be corrected overnight. Just as how it takes a long time of unobserved habit to develop such a posture, it takes an equal amount of effort to correct such posture. Committing to these methods will ensure you notice improvements in a couple of weeks and months.

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