Removing Office Chair Parts

In this video, we show you how to remove chair parts such as the castor wheels and leg frame easily so that you can change it on your own if you ever need to. First, flip the chair over for the ease of removal. The leg frame and castor wheels…

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Kids Ergonomic Study Table

Introduction For the healthy development of your child’s physical and mental abilities, it is essential to create a healthy and comfortable study environment. It is important that kids can take care of their homework, spend creative time drawing or playing without being distracted by uncomfortable physical sensations or by the…

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Simple Ergonomic Chair

Simple Ergonomic Chair Having a range of airy and breezy ventilated ergonomic chairs collection to compare, we will probably rank the Simple ergonomic chair in the middle of the pack. We really want to come up with an affordable ventilated ergonomic chair that is below 400 dollars and the Simple Office Chair did just that.…

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Corporates Turning To Ergonomic

Over the last couple of months, we have noticed that the standing desks, as well as other ergonomic products, have become increasingly popular in Singapore as more individuals and organisations are more aware of the importance of ergonomic and are looking to improve their workplace ergonomics. In the year 2018,…

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