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Electric Standing Desk

Switch between sitting and standing with just a touch of an button. Improve your efficiency at work and play with our electric standing desk now!

Sit or Stand While You Work

Do you know that sitting for a prolonged period of time is negative for your health? The use of standing desk and sit stand desk converter enables you to switch between sitting and standing while you work.

The standing desk sits on top of your existing desk, giving you the option of standing without getting rid of your current desk.

Ergonomic Office Furniture Singapore
Ergonomic Office Furniture Singapore

Better Support With Ergonomic Chairs

Most of us spend a large part of our day sitting in front of a desk. Hence, sitting in a correct posture is pivotal in order to avoid neck and backache. Having an ergonomic chair will also help you to keep your posture correct without having to remind yourself about it all the time.

Our ergonomic chairs are fully adjustable to suit every different individual.

Ergonomic Chair Reviews

"Fantastic value for a new chair. Great support for the back while I work. Perfect for local weather. Well done. I hope the mesh material will be long lasting!"
Thomas Chua
"The SAIL Basic ergonomic chair is very good value for money. The seating feels even better than those gaming chairs that I have tried before."
"A great chair with superior build quality. It is very stable with many adjustable features. The quality is comparable to those high end chairs that cost thousand of dollars."
Tang Hee

Ergonomics For Your Child

A proper study space for children is necessary to prevent them from developing any health issues arising from bad posture. Spending long hours sitting in front of a study desk which is not aligned to your child’s body can greatly affect their posture.

Our kids ergonomic study table will help you provide your kid with a fully comfortable study environment, addressing all your child’s need and producing a space for effective learning.

Recommended By Chiropractors

"I love this standing desk riser. You can easily lift and lower the desk within two seconds, it's very stable and well made. Highly recommended for those who spend long periods of time at their desk. I use it all the time!"
Ergonomic Office Furniture Singapore

Competitive Pricing Without Losing Out On Quality

Ergonomic products from other brands are usually marked up because of distribution, marketing and retail expenses.

At, we offer our ergonomic products at an competitive pricing to you without middleman cost or retail expenses so that every dollar you spend with us is well worth it.

Contributing Back To The Society

2020 has been a really tough and challenging year for all of us as COVID-19 rampant throughout the world. In times like this, we feel that it is important for us to contribute back to the society especially towards charity organizations and the needy.

Supporting Talented People With Special Needs


The Art Faculty is a social enterprise by Autism Resource Centre Singapore and it retails art and merchandise created by special talents with autism. For every sale of their artwork, these differently-abled artists will earn royalties to learn the value of work and financial independence.

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